Is a Thriving China Good for America?

Recognizing China’s economic prosperity in the 21st century, the United States of America today reiterated that a thriving China is good for America, and a thriving America is good for China.

In her remarks at U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue Opening Session in Beijing in China, US Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton says the United States remains committed to building a cooperative partnership based on mutual benefit and mutual respect.

Peacekeeping Training Centre of the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China at Langfang.UN Photo/Evan Schneider

Since the launched of the dialogue three years ago, high-ranking officials from both governments have criss-crossed the Pacific dozens of times, Ms. Clinton stated.

“Our relationship has grown closer and more consequential, and the web of connections that link our nations is increasing.” -Ms. Clinton

She stresses that this dialogue is even more necessary today than it was when it began, and the eyes of the world are once again upon us.

The Chinese people and the American people looking for the leaders to work together for their benefit, and the international community looking to them to work together for the world’s benefit, Ms. Clinton stressed.

She notes that in today’s world, no global player can afford to treat geopolitics as a zero-sum game.

Both countries are working to build a relationship that allows both of countries to flourish without unhealthy competition or conflict, while at the same time meeting their responsibilities to their people and to the international community, Ms. Clinton said.

“We also both know that our countries have become thoroughly, inescapably interdependent.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton underlines that the United States has a strong interest in China’s continued economic growth.

However, Ms. Clinton pointed out that building a cooperative, resilient, mutually beneficial relationship is not easy.

“That’s why this dialogue is so critical as well as the Strategic Security Dialogue that took place here yesterday.” -Ms. Clinton

She notes that the talks are opening economic activity to advance prosperity, support innovation, and improve the lives of people, how to promote greater military transparency to avoid misunderstandings, to build trust and maintain mutual stability, how to tackle some of the world’s most urgent crises from climate change to proliferation.

The United States welcomes China’s increased engagement on the highest priority regional and global issues, and in our strategic track, we will be discussing these, Ms. Clinton underlined.

She cites that on Iran, the United States and China share the goal of preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

In Syria, both countries are absolutely committed to end the brutal violence against civilians, she cited.

Regarding North Korea, the United States recognizes the role that China is playing and are continuing to work together to make it clear to North Korea that strength and security will come from prioritizing the needs of its people, not from further provocation, Ms. Clinton emphasized.

In Sudan and South Sudan, China and the United States are working together.

Ms. Clinton says China and the United States joined with a unified international community just hours ago to support a strong UN security resolution that provides unambiguous support for the African Union roadmap.

Both countries are addressing everything from cyber security to the changes and reforms going on in Burma to piracy and so much else.

“We know that we are working to better the lives of our people and a better future for all humanity.” -Ms. Clinton

During the dialogue, Ms. Clinton says the United States raises the importance of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The United States believes that all governments do have to answer to citizens’ aspirations for dignity and the rule of law, and that no nation can or should deny those rights, she explained.

Ms. Clinton stresses that as President Obama said this week, a China that protects the rights of all its citizens will be a stronger and more prosperous nation, and of course, a stronger partner on behalf of their common goals.

The conversations in Beijing reflect how much the U.S.-China relationship has grown in the 40 years since President Nixon came to China, she added.

“Then, we had hardly any ties to speak of; now, we work together.” -Ms. Clinton

She states that China and the United States cannot solve all the problems of the world, but without their cooperation, it is doubtful any problem can be solved.

Earlier this week, US asserted that it welcomes a strong, prosperous, and successful China.

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the United States is not wanting to contend China as it shifts its strategic focus eastward in the high profile.

Both countries are trying to build a resilient relationship that allows both of nations to thrive without unhealthy competition, rivalry, or conflict while meeting their national, regional, and global responsibilities.

On May 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton stressed that both countries are building a lot more of understanding and trust.

The United States and China have agreed to pursue a number of priority areas of cooperation, which were originally agreed to in October 2009. These areas include improving maritime security, which includes search and rescue; humanitarian assistance and disaster relief; counterpiracy; counterterrorism; maintaining peace and security on the Korean Peninsula; preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon; and addressing the spread of nuclear, space, cyber and missile technology.

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