Baby Girl Flushed Down Toilet in China, Rescued

BEIJING. A newborn baby girl was discovered flushed down a public toilet in Beijing, according to CNN and the Beijing Times. Beijing police rescued the tiny girl, wedged face down in the toilet pipe, when residents reported the sound of an infant crying.

“Her head was upside down and her body was falling into the drain. We could only vaguely see her feet from the side,” Qian Feng, the local police chief, told the Beijing Times. At first the police wanted to dismantle the toilet, but then worried there would not be enough time. “She just kept crying. I looked again, and thought we should try to pull her out even if the possibility [of her survival] might be slim.”

The baby is reportedly in stable condition, and police are trying to find her mother. A young woman was seen walking away from the public toilets just before the infant was heard crying. No one recognized the woman or knows where to find her.

Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, stated: “It breaks my heart that this precious little girl was stuffed down a dirty, public toilet, and I’m grateful that she has been rescued. Who knows what unique contribution she will make with her days upon this earth? When girls are selectively aborted or abandoned, this conveys the message that females do not deserve to live. Gendercide is the most violent form of discrimination against women and girls.”

Littlejohn continued: “Meanwhile, this incident powerfully demonstrates that gendercide still exists in China, despite the so-called ‘relaxation’ of the One Child Policy. Even under the newest exception to the Policy (which allows a second child to couples with one parent who is an only child), it is still illegal for an unmarried woman to have a baby. If they won’t agree to an elective abortion, these women may be forcibly aborted. Perhaps the woman who abandoned her daughter was unmarried and fell into desperation, thinking she had no alternative. Unfortunately, we may never know.”

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers is ending gendercide, one baby girl at a time. We have saved nearly 200 baby girls. Learn more about the Women’s Rights Without Frontiers campaign.

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