Asia-Pacific Region Emerges as Epicenter of Economic Growth

Deputy Secretary William J. Burns today said Asia-Pacific region is emerging as epicenter of economic growth.

In his remarks at the U.S.-India Partnership in an Asia-Pacific Century, Mr. Burns said Asia-Pacific region is emerging more and more as the center of gravity in global affairs.

“Let me start with a simple premise. As President Obama told India’s parliament one year ago: “the United States not only supports India as a rising power; we fervently support it, and we have worked to help make it a reality.” -Mr. Burns

He said the United States is counting on India’s rise as a global power and one that engages from the Middle East and East Asia to Africa and beyond. He added that the Obama Administration has high hopes for the U.S.-India relationship, and we are working hard to ensure that our ambitions are matched by results.

asia pacific
SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon (centre) meets with the Humpty Dumpty Institute’s Congressional Asian Pacific Caucus Delegation to the United Nations.

UN Photo/Evan Schneider

“Today, I want to address what I hope will become a defining dimension of the U.S.-India partnership: our work together to support the emergence of an Asia-Pacific region defined by security, prosperity and human dignity for all its people.” -Mr. Burns

He stressed that stretching from India to the western coast of the Americas, the Asia-Pacific region is home to half the world’s population. He said it has witnessed unprecedented levels of economic growth, leading to reductions in poverty without parallel in human history.

“But the Asia-Pacific is also home to military buildups, nuclear proliferation, piracy, trafficking, natural disasters, and serious environmental and ecological challenges.” -Mr. Burns

He emphasized as the United States renews and reinforces its longtime role as a Pacific power, he pointed out that some will question America’s staying power.

“We remain as committed as ever to advance these objectives. The United States has always been a Pacific nation, and we have strengthened and reaffirmed our Pacific alliances.” -Mr. Burns

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