Australian Racism Gone Mad

In the past six years, Australia’s racists have been active in all forms. From politics to people, Australia is facing a racial crisis, one which the intellectuals and a majority of the discriminated blame solely on officials.

In the latest development, a gunman fired a shot at a mosque in the western suburb of Mirrabooka, Perth, Australia, where 400 Muslims were gathered during the holy month of Ramadan; no one was reported injured.

The gunman fled from the scene in a “green” vehicle. The bullet broke through the walls of the mosque and missed worshippers. WA police said the fire just “missed a couple of worshippers.”


The shot apparently came from a “high powered rifle.” Investigators are not sure if the shot was to murder Muslims or to simply intimidate them, however the large crowd in the building were terrified.

The bullet is currently being investigated by experts.

The shot was the second round of racial hatred on the mosque, where not long ago the mosque was vandalised and Muslim devotees walking nearby have been verbally vilified.

Officials to blame, again

While John Howard, Australian Prime Minister, has been criticised for his explicit remarks that beget racial tension, the Muslim community have again blamed him for violence and racism in Australia.

John Howard’s deputy Minister, Peter Costello, has unwelcomed Muslims, saying they had to be strictly adhering to Australian values and could not embrace Islamic law. Costello is running for Prime Minister after Mr Howard’s long awaited retirement. The Australian public has been hesitant to see the alteration in leadership, especially Muslims. Muslims claim Costello is “too racist.”

Ameer Ali, is the head of Australia’s Islamic board and has questionned the courage of criminals to shoot. He said “It comes from what our leaders say in public.” He also demanded they should share “responsibility” for the acts.

Governmental racism

John Howard has constantly dismissed claims by media that he is “racist.” He was rebuked for not addressing the issue of the Sydney riots as a racially motivated one. He has also been castigated by Muslims for tacitly encouraging racialists, such as the radio presenter, John Laws.

John Howard recently blamed Muslims as not “speaking English.” However a report by Channel seven proved there are more people of Asian descent that do not speak English than Muslims. Channel 7 also claimed “it’s not only Muslims.” The Howard government was blasted for “racism.” The Howard government spent weeks repairing the damage saying they are “not” being “racist.”

A few weeks later John Howard blamed Muslims for not integrating, sparking media attention again. His coalition was purportedly “down in the polls,” and that is why he was alledgedly accusing Muslims of not integrating, according to his Islamic boardmen.

Ameer Ali is also concerned about the announced citizenship laws. The laws do not recognise immigrants who do not speak, read and write english with a general knowledge of Australian history. The laws were announced after Mr Howard’s claims that people “refuse to speak english” because they are “Muslim.”