Coach Your Mind to Win in Sports, Business, and Life

Wimbledon Champ’s New Book Prepares Anyone to Become A Grand Slam Winner in Life

Perfect prescription to improve business, personal relationships and find ‘the zone’ in both athletics and life

She played with and against Billie Jean and Martina, earning an enviable place in the history of ‘Open Era’ tennis.

From center court at Wimbledon in 1977 when she played her idol Billie Jean King to 1984, Anne Smith, Ph.D earned ten Grand Slam Championships in doubles and mixed doubles. She is one of only 20 women in the history of the Open Era with this accomplishment. She played with and against the best the tennis world had to offer. Now, armed with vast experience as an educational psychologist and mental training consultant, combined with lessons learned on ‘center court,’ Dr. Smith has released: GRAND SLAM Coach Your Mind to Win in Sports, Business, and Life.

Grand Slam offers a prescription for winning…..surefire advice to propel your personal and professional life to the highest levels of success.

“I wrote this book to inspire athletes, parents, executives, teachers and coaches to make positive changes in their lives, to make their lives easier and more fulfilling, and to improve their professional and personal relationships,” says Smith. “I want to help individuals understand the importance of managing their minds and emotions.”

Through anecdotes from her storied career in professional tennis and her own personal transformation, Dr. Smith offers effective strategies for individuals to develop a winning attitude, reach their maximum potential, and put themselves in the best position to win. The themes Dr. Smith examines in her book – creating an empowering environment, having fun and taking risks – pertain not just to sports but also to managing employees and nurturing relationships.

“Victory is never guaranteed,” says Dr. Smith, “but the emotional choices we make in competition and life will guarantee that you win – no matter the outcome. Vince Lombardi did not say, “Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.” What he really said was, “Winning isn’t everything, but the will to win is.”

“Winning is more than simply succeeding, it’s about putting yourself in a position to win, empowering others to be great, and being a positive role model, a good teammate, and an effective boss. Winners nurture productive and positive relationships and develop a magnetism that makes others want to be work with them.”

The audience for Grand Slam is diverse:

Coaches learn effective strategies for creating a positive environment and enhancing the performance of players.

Business managers garner invaluable insights into creating high-performing teams.

Athletes learn how to focus, harness their emotions, and develop unbreakable concentration.

Parents learn how to foster positive relationships, develop win-win scenarios, and identify potentially destructive negative behavior.

All of us – How Dr. Smith’s Mach 4 Mental Training System can transform lifestyles and improve our lives in general.

“Anne reminds us that in order to achieve greatness you must focus on the things you are doing well and make them even better. This approach gives you the skills and attitude that ultimately allow you to rise above the competition.”

From the Foreword by Billie Jean King

Dr. Smith was first noted for her exclusive and innovative MACH 4 Mental Training System. She provides excerpts of the system in Grand Slam. This system teaches how to create a powerful partnership by highlighting the mind/body connection, focus on training the mind and the body at the same time, and integrate mental training into practice sessions.

Anne Smith won 10 Grand Slam Championships.

She obtained the Number 1 ranking in the world for doubles in 1980 and 1981 and had a career high No 12 in singles in 1982. She is currently back on the women’s tour at the age of 46 and has already won her first doubles tour title in June 2005 after being off of the tour for 14 years.

She is the mental training consultant for Harvard’s Women’s tennis team and a practicing educational psychologist Arizona. Grand Slam is available for purchase at all major online bookselling sites. (

By Dr. Anne Smith

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