Where Does Morocco Stand in US Foreign Policy Today?

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today said the United States highly values its strategic partnership with Morocco during an interview Samira Sitail of 2M at Rabat, Morroco.

During the interview, Ms. Clinton noted that Morocco was the very first country to recognize United States’ young republic, back in 1777.

“So ever since then, all these years, we’ve had a close relationship, and we cooperate on a full range of issues- economic issues, security issues, a lot of people to people and cultural exchanges. We have a very high regard for Morocco.” -Ms. Clinton

Portrait of Admiral Raphael Semmes who represented the Confederate States of America to Morocco during the Civil War though Morocco never formally recognized the Confederate States.

Ms. Clinton stresses that both countries can really boost further especially economic relationship.

She announces that both countries are building some additional relationships.

Both countries have started a program called Partnerships for a New Beginning, where both countries reached out to countries in the Maghreb, and beyond all the way to Indonesia, Muslim majority countries.

She states that the group that was formed here in Morocco of leading businessmen and women has been among our most successful in the world.

The entrepreneurs recently hosted a big conference in Marrakech last month. More than 400 businesspeople and young entrepreneurs came from elsewhere in the region.

“And Morocco is showing the way, looking at how we incentivize, particularly, young people because there’s what’s called this youth bulge of so many people under 30.” -Ms. Clinton

She stresses that both countries want to make sure they’re educated and that they have employment opportunities.

On March 2011, the United States called Morocco “a model of economic, social, and political reform.

The United States recognizes the importance of U.S.-Morocco relations in the current regional unrest.

The U.S. also reaffirms backing of Morocco’s autonomy plan to resolve the Western Sahara dispute.

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