US Launches ‘TechGirls’ Initiative For Teen Girls from Middle East, North Africa

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today announced a new program to be launched next year that will complement the TechWomen program.

At the closing luncheon for TechWomen Initiative, Ms. Clinton announced the ‘TechGirls Initiative’ that will bring teenage girls from the Middle East and North Africa for an intensive month of educational activities in the United States.

“And since it seems like technology is evolving so fast, we actually think having this opportunity for young women is as important as having it for more mature women, because I think there’s a creativity that can be generated by doing that.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton thanked all of the women of TechWomen, the mentors and the mentees who have spent the past month exchanging ideas and expertise. She said the women have embarked on a continuing learning experience, forged new friendships and partnerships.

She stressed that being a woman in the field of technology is not always easy. She noted that there are so many opportunities in technology that the women have to forge ahead.

“And I also believe that innovation thrives on good ideas, and women have a lot of good ideas. And we don’t want those ideas to just die. We want them to be shared and to help others and to create businesses and jobs and improve lives. And it has a greater impact when technology has access for everyone.” -Ms. Clinton

She underscored that the United States help the women in TechWomen Initiative to develop and apply new technologies.

“So we’re excited about the role of technology, and we want to help facilitate your use of it. Here in the State Department, we do what we call 21st century statecraft. That’s just a fancy way of saying that we are trying to use technology to open up doors that are otherwise closed.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton encouraged the women in TechWomen to help the United States to make the program a success. She pointed out that in the 21st century, women and girls should be fully embraced to be given their universal human rights no matter who they are or where they live.

Mina Fabulous
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