US Hosts International Engagement Conference on South Sudan

USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah today announced that the United States will be hosting International Engagement Conference on South Sudan.

Mr. Sha said the conference is an opportunity for the Government of Southern Sudan to lay out its vision for economic development and humanitarian assistance to the international community; to seek and receive coordinated and effective partnership from a number of broad partners from around the international community; and to have a direct dialogue and engagement with the private sector in the United States and around the world.

“The conference is a venue to help private companies and investors see the Republic of Southern Sudan as a place where they want to increase their investments, thereby enabling significant economic development and economic growth.” -Mr. Shah

He noted that the United States, working in partnership with so many important partners like the UK and Norway in the international community, have a track record of early success in South Sudan.

“We’ve helped to establish that country and its peaceful transition through the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. We’ve provided more than a million people with access to clean and safe drinking water, helped to increase school enrollment from 20 percent to 68 percent, and helped to establish a number of efforts in the area of agriculture and agricultural development that are so crucial to their economic future.” -Mr. Shah

He stressed the United States is hoping to build on the track record of partnership and success through the course of the conference this week. He said it is really an opportunity to ensure that the international engagement with Southern Sudan is coordinated and World Bank, the UK, Norway, EU, the African Union, and many of the regional partners will all be present to ensure that there’s effective coordination in U.S. efforts in South Sudan.

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