US Calls for Peaceful Demonstrations in Guinea

The United States of America today called for peaceful demonstrations in Guinea as citizens will gather to commemorate the second anniversary of the tragic 2009 pro-democracy demonstration in Conakry Stadium.

U.S. Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland stressed that violence undermines rule of law and threatens Guinea’s nascent democracy.

“During the demonstration in September 2009, 157 people were killed, and more than 1,000 injured when members of Guinea’s Presidential Guard opened fire on unarmed peaceful demonstrators and also brutally raped and sexually assaulted hundreds of women.” -Ms. Nuland

She noted that the Guinean people have worked long and hard to bring about democracy. Its legislative elections is set for December 29, 2011.

“Now is not the time to lose democratic progress that took 50 years to achieve.” – Ms. Nuland

Ms. Nuland highlighted that the United States encourages all political players in Guinea to engage in dialogue and act responsibly in order to reconcile differences. She urged the Guinean security forces to refrain from using excessive force to control demonstrations.

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