US and Tunisia Sign New Political and Economic Partnership

United States of America and Tunisia today signed a new poltiical and economic parnertship.

The “U.S.-Tunisia Joint Political and Economic Partnership” is a foundation for U.S. relationship that will not only support the short-term needs of the Tunisian people, but also their long-term economic aspirations.

At the signing ceeremony, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said in the last year, the people of Tunisia have stood up and demanded their universal rights. Thus, they have changed the course of history. She added that in just one month, Tunisians will exercise their newly-enshrined democratic rights and vote for a constitutional assembly.

“Now when I visited Tunisia, the one thing everyone wanted to know is: What could the United States do to help the young men and women who courageously went into the streets to realize a better economic and political future?” -Ms. Clinton

She cited that beginning just days after the revolution, the United States began to deliver $40 million in assistance for Tunisia’s democratic transition. She stated the U.S. government has supported the Tunisian people’s efforts toward responsive, accountable government and helped to prepare for free, fair, and competitive elections.

“Today, Tunisians are looking for new investments, increased transparency, greater access to global and regional markets, and new assistance for their entrepreneurs. That is why we are launching the U.S.-Tunisia Joint Political and Economic Partnership. Tunisia is open for business. “ -Ms. Clinton

She stressed that the Millennium Challenge Corporation is examining Tunisia’s eligibility for a threshold program, which would help Tunisia design and undertake a democratic reform program with an aim toward economic reform.

“Through our Overseas Private Investment Corporation, we are working to boost franchising and lending to small and medium-sized businesses.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton emphasized that the United States and Tunisia have a long history of partnership and collaboration. She noted that the signing is another step forward in their long relationship.

“We proudly stand with Tunisia at this critical time in your history, and do all we can to assist you in realizing a future of peace, progress, and opportunity.” -Ms. Clinton

Mina Fabulous
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