IAEA Safety Standards Invaluable to Success of Country’s Nuclear Energy Program

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today said the International Atomic Energy Agency’s safety standards are invaluable to success of every country’s nuclear energy program.

At the high-Level meeting on nuclear safety, Ms. Clinton highlighted this year the International Atomic Energy Agency has again proven itself to be an indispensible forum for monitoring and supporting the peaceful nuclear activity of countries.

“The IAEA safety standards should be continually reviewed and revised as we learn more and detect new risks. The United States also calls on all nations with nuclear reactors to adhere to the Nuclear Safety Convention, which remains our best instrument for promoting international safety standards.” – Ms. Clinton

She stressed that they will continue to support the IAEA and the peer review process, both scheduling missions in the United States and contributing senior experts to missions in other countries.

“We look forward to working with our partners around the world to implement the provisions of the action plan.” – Ms. Clinton

She stressed that the Obama Administration is committed to nuclear power as a component of its secure energy future, and we recognize that nuclear power is a vital contributor to the world’s growing energy needs. She pointed out that it is not an option that they simply can take off the table.

“But it is an option that carries special risks and dangers. Therefore, we must do everything possible to ensure its safe and responsible use. We must remain vigilant against outside threats and internal weaknesses to prevent accidents from occurring.” – Ms. Clinton

She emphasized that the world must make continuous improvements to regulations and strengthen implementation of existing conventions so the countries can hold themselves and others to the highest standards.

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