UN Predicts Outbreak of Cholera in Somalia

According to the international media, almost 300,000 children were killed by starvation. Others will die in the coming months unless external aid does not reach in time and the distribution doesn’t arrive in all the regions of Somalia. That’s the only way it could save thousands of children who suffer hunger, thirst, and displacement. Now the UN predicts the outbreak of cholera.

This is another new problem! These days the distribution is limited only in Mogadishu.

Outside the Capital, millions of children, women and elderly will die under the strong hand of Alshabab that doesn’t care of the situation of those who are suffering.

The Government itself is busy preparing a lecture of reconciliation under the umbrella of United Nations which could be held at the start of next month.

The TFG should postpone the so-called Conference and think about the future of these children who are dying for a piece of bread and a SIP of water.

The Somali government should think twice before organizing the reconciliation Conference in Mogadishu that should held in the first week of August.

Somalia is facing a dire situation that nobody can deny. Thousands have died of starvation and disease. Not only is this, but now the outbreak of cholera another factor that adds to all the other misfortunes that affect the Somali children, women and elderly who have surrendered before the international community.

They cannot raise their voices, but some raised their hands weakly to grab what is given them: bread, an aspirin, and a sip of potable. Give them the time to eat and stop the conference!

The Somali people has the right to eat and drink, because only in this way can live or better say exist, so it is illogical immoral that the TFG thinks a conference before it librated all the regions and put the whole Country under its control.

For this reason and more the Government should declare a State of emergency to continue the war against al-Shabaab and simultaneously distribute aid in the librated places. If the Government does not think positively and go ahead with the Conference, it is clear that the invited delegations will not be sitting on armchairs, but on the graves of those thousands of children and women who died from starvation. Thus, the TFG will wake up only when it will see thousands of demonstrators in front of the Conference or throughout the city of Mogadishu. This means that will be “the longest day” for Villa Somalia. The question will be who is accountable?

By: Somali MP. Ali Omar Ghedi( Ali Garabey)

Email: [email protected]