Time is Running Out, but Who Cares About Darfur?

Without question, George W. Bush has done more than any other president, and more than the American People to stop the Genocide in Darfur, Sudan.

Jay McGinley, undertaking a hunger strike, in an attempt to motivate Americans to stand up and be counted today said “Darfur is the Great Challenge, and the Great Opportunity of Our Time. History will judge us on this, forever.”

McGinley has been on Hunger Strike at the White House for 42 days this summer. He figures that based on his current body weight, he will be able to last long enough, until the end of September, the day the African Union peacekeepers pull out and leave Darfurians unprotected.

Today, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Jendayi Frazer left the US for Khartoum. Sudan objects to a proposed peacekeeping force but Frazer expects the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution authorizing it.

Earlier this year, actor George Clooney visited the Chad-Sudan border and saw hundreds of thousands of Darfuris living in refugee camps. He said “The world policy on Sudan is failing. If we turn our heads and look away and hope it will all go away, then they will, and an entire generation will disappear.”

Nick Clooney, George Clooney’s father, is a veteran journalist. He said: “We didn’t stop the Holocaust. We didn’t stop Cambodia. We didn’t stop Rwanda. But this one, we can stop.”

Hunger Striker McGinley says “Bush cannot do it, end the Genocide, without a huge mandate from us September 9th at the White House, and September 17th in Manhattan. My generation had its time to be great – ending the Vietnam War, gaining Civil Rights. Darfur is the Great Challenge, and the Great Opportunity of Our Time. History will judge us on this, forever.”

McGinley wants Americans to stand with him, Stand for Darfur, September 9th and September 17th.

The last Rally, in April, only attracted 10,000 people. How many will care enough to go this time?

Visit McGinley’s Stand With Darfur blog.

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