TFG Troops Weaken Al Shabaab Forces in Somalia

Reports from southern Somalia say that positions of Al Shabaab have been under attack by government forces in the last few weeks.

Forces supporting the Transitional Federal Government have attacked the Shabaab militia positions in the Juba region last week. The forces managed to capture several villages such as Balad Hawo, El Wak and Dhobley from the Islamist militants.

The government troops have recently been trained in the Isiola region of Kenya where the government planned to attack the positions of Al Shabaab in order to capture the Jubba region.

The Somali troops backed by Ethiopian troops are planning to take their offensive further until they capture Al Shabaab from southern Somalia in regions such as Juba, Hiiraan and Gedo.

On Wednesday, officials of the Somali interim government invited journalists to watch the bodies of young mislead Al Shabaab fighters.

Somali army chief Abdikarim Dhegaban told the reporters that they accomplished great victories in the last fighting in Mogadishu and that they captured many positions in Hodan and Bondheere districts.

TFG and AMISOM troops with the help of the Ethiopian government and Ahlasunah, want to capture all Shabaab positions in southern Somalia and Mogadishu.