TFG and AMISOM Forces Disrupt Extremists’ Operations in Mogadishu

TFG and AMISOM troops have this week advanced on a number of fronts in an operation designed to push extremist insurgents further away from the populated areas of Mogadishu.

On Wednesday, TFG forces with the support of the AMISOM Burundi Contingent captured two important positions, the former Milk Factory and the extremists’ logistical and operational base at the former Ministry of Defence building (Gashandiga) along Industrial Road in the northwest of the city.

Pockets of resistance have been met at the Damanyo Military Camp (Shirkole Officaile), which is close to Gashandiga.

AMISOM is fulfilling its mandate for providing the stabilization of Somalia. It creates an enabling environment for the TFG to re-establish control and provide security for the population. This week’s operations are intended to disrupt the extremist insurgents the space and means to harass and extort money from the population to fund their terrorism.

AMISOM seeks to ensure that trade and normal life can go on in a safe and secure environment at the the Mogadishu Seaport and Aden Ade International Airport will .

Operations to consolidate the important achievements of the week are ongoing.