Somali Youth Concert Kept Nairobi Awake

This concert was organized by Somali Youth Advocacy organization (SYAO) and Salad Darbi has partnered with almost 25 other local musicians from Nairobi who also took a lion share in the concert which has attracted many fans and supporters in the show.

The show was held at the biggest hall in Nairobi, known as city hall which is located at the central business district of the town and the fans were worn T-shirt and hats labeled with SYAO, the fans who attended were given a new album deliberately to usher in the New Year.

The artist, Salad Darbi has rocked the theatre that night and no sooner he arrived at the theatre hall than his fans started dancing and embracing themselves and every individual present has stood to take part in the jubilation.

Some of the songs which were sang were patriotic songs to remind the audience about the situation in their country and how it is important in taking part peace building.

The show kicked off exactly 8.00 P.M. in the evening and ended at 5.00 A.M. in the morning while the audience were enjoying and celebrating throughout the concert.

The chairman of SYAO, Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Ali who talked to the press at the end of the show stated the aim of facilitating this concert by SYAO was how to develop art and music in Somalia and also to remind the young generation about their precious art culture of their country. Mohamed has also reiterated that developing the art and music in Somalia is one of the top priorities for SYAO.

We appreciate wholeheartedly Salad Darbi and all other musicians who emotionally and sensationally displayed their talents.

The media asked the chairman of SYAO how the show was organized and it is activities, but the chairman described it as successful according to the expectation while vowing to promote the talents and assist with instruments the new talented musician joining the umbrella of arts and music.

He also promised that there will be new upcoming musical concerts to refresh the minds of youth who fled from civil war and persecution from their country.

The concert of Salad Darbi was attended by fans more than 500 and it is one of the highest attendants of its kind in the history.

The attendants were demanding from Chairman of SYAO such classical concert that dated on 2nd January 2011 herein Nairobi, Kenya hence for the chairman of SYAO accepted their demands and vowed that he would organized similar classical show by another Somali musical famous.