Somali Women and Youth Launch An Angry Protest Against Al Shabaab

On Wednesday Somali youth and women marched the streets of the Somali capital to protest against the Al Qaeda inspired Al Shabaab militants who have stepped up their efforts to refuse access of humanitarian aid to people in the regions under their control.

The protest was organized by the Banadiir region’s elder committee.

Protesters chanted slogans against Al Shabaan such as “Down with Al Shabaab.”

They also burned the black flag used by Al Shabaab that also symbolized Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mohiyadin Hassan Afrah, chairman of the Banadiir region elders committee, addressed the protesters and denounced Al Shabaab leaders who are not behaving in the best interest of civilians by refusing humanitarian aid.

“We are prepared to fight Al Shabaab and push them out of the country, we will continue to protest and fight them,” said Afrah.

At the protest, people also burned pictures of Al Shabaab leaders Mukhtar Robow, Ali Dheere and Fu’ad Shongole.

“We want the government to hurry their planned military offensive against the Al Shabaab militants,” said an 80 year old woman that took part in the demonstration.

The demonstrators also called on the international community to help the Somali government and to provide humanitarian aid to the civilians.

The demonstration comes at a time at which Ali Dhere, spokesman of Al Shabaab, announced a new strategy in their war against the Transitional Federal Government and the AMISOM troops.