Somali Passport Revives Identity

The Somali Federal Government has secured its borders with neighbouring countries and reopened the entry points with full functioning immigration services. The government also re-established embassies and consulates overseas. These now have the capacity to issue visas for foreigners travelling to Somalia, renewing national passports and legalizing many other types of documents from marriages to birth certificates for its citizens now officially after decades of civil war, instability and political conflicts.

The return of law enforcement and finding solutions for the long-suffering citizens to obtain their national identities and travel documents also contributed to overall success-stories of the nation’s recovery.

The department of immigration & naturalisation is one of the core pillars of infrastructure today. The department not only plays a key role in many series and developmental projects throughout the country but also creates the route for its citizens willing to travel for businesses, tourism and medical issues abroad.

Somalia has a population estimated around 15 million, according to the latest UN data.

These same citizens have previously suffered badly, lacking their identity documents since the collapse of the central government due to repeated civil clannish feuds, division and political uncertainty among them. However, the efforts made by the head of Somalia’s migration & naturalization department known as Mr.Kofi have improved and eased the burden, with citizens again using their own national travel documents.

All credit goes to the current federal government in general and the directorate of immigration & naturalization leadership in particular. The leaders stood up in the crowd and sacrificed to save the nation during a time Somalia needed them most to be decisive as the country’s political situation was skyrocketing and worsening in the heated wars.

Some of the noteworthy achievements made by the department with the help of the federal government include Mogadishu airport resuming its operations successfully and becoming among the international travel routes. Visas can now be issued for all nationalities upon their arrival and without complications.

These improvements have helped international business and trade as well as cooperation with neighbouring countries and foreign companies. Maritime activities were also restored at Mogadishu’s seaport, which now receives shipments of importing goods by companies and individuals.

It is a new dawn for Somalia and its citizens regaining all institutions that offer services to its people.

Omar Wardere
Omar Wardere is a Somali researcher, reporter and editor. He is a committee member of National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) and member of Foreign Correspondents Association of East Africa.