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Omar Wardere is a Somali researcher, reporter and editor. He is a committee member of National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) and member of Foreign Correspondents Association of East Africa.
Head of Immigration-Naturalization

Somali Passport Revives Identity

The Somali Federal Government has secured its borders with neighbouring countries and reopened the entry points with full functioning immigration services. The government also...
greenyard for a healthy society.

Greenyard Works for a Healthy Society

Health is wealth. It becomes obvious that health is our highest value when facing a medical condition. For food, most people tend to go...
self driving car. which businesses can survive?

Which Businesses Can Survive in 30 Years to Come?

Technology has no doubt transformed our world. It was not long ago when mobile phones were revealed. Auto makers revolutionize cars each year. No...
china little emperor tiger mother.

China’s Little Emperors and Tiger Mothers

China implemented its one child policy in 1979. It was normal to have many children before this was imposed by the people's government. China...
singapore 1965.

What Makes a Country Successful in Economy and Politics?

Singapore Much has recently been written and said about Singapore, an island in south east Asia which has become one of the world's most advanced...
teenager district commissioner.

Teenager Appointed District Commissioner, Resigns The Same Day

The news that initially looked like a fabricated story about a young boy aged 16 appeared on Dalsan online Radio website this morning. Other...
somali fishing village.

Foreign Direct Investment in Somalia

Turkish company Favori took over the operational rights of Mogadishu's airport four years ago. This was part of several foreign direct investment agreements negotiated...
Hassan Gesey

Dilemma of Two Dangerous Words In Somalia (interview)

Chairman of Somali Independent Media Houses Association connents on Somali government directive for journalists to call alshabaab UGUS or the group that massacres the Somali people.
John Kerry Visit to Somalia

US Secretary of State, John Kerry’s Lost Opportunity in Mogadishu

Human Rights Watch said US secretary of state John Kerry missed three major issues during his unannounced surprise visit to the Somali capital Mogadishu on 5th May.

Who Can Say Alshabaab!

The Somali government wants media outlets to refer to Alshabaab as UGUS, meaning the Group that Massacres the Somali People, further endangering journalists.

Somali Media Marks Press Freedom Day

Somali media marked world press freedom day on Sunday in Mogadishu, to give recognition for the sacrifices made in the struggle for freedom of the press.

A Missile Kills 30 Somali Refugees In Yemen

More than 30 Somali refugees traveling in a convoy from their refugee camp to the port city of Aden were killed when a missile struck the vehicles they were in.
The photo of Daud Omar

Somali Radio Journalist And His Wife Killed In Baidoa, Somalia

Sometimes the reports Somali journalists make that put them at risk. Stories on politics, the security situation or other sensitive issues are the most dangerous.

Strange Crimes Revealed on Investigation Discovery

Dr Mike Dow, addiction specialist and expert in the field of relationships, food and behavior explains how unhealthy habits turn to uncontrollable addictions

Nine UN Staff Killed in Somalia Terrorist Attack

Witnesses said more than nine were killed but this has not been confirmed yet. The UN staff were being driven in a 3 minute commute from their guest houses to work.

Somalia Remains Deadliest Place for Journalists

Abdulfatah Kalgaal who is a well-known visual impaired radio journalist in Mogadishu was arrested on Tuesday from his house in Wadajir district.
Somali refugees in the Dadaab camp

Kenya Gives UN Three Month Ultimatum to Relocate Somalian Refugees

The UNHCR raised concerns over the rising number of Somalis forced to leave their country.

17 Die in Attack on Somali Ministry of Education

Alshabaab terrorists attacked Somalia's ministry of higher education in Mogadishu, with a car bomb, bike bomb and automatic weapons, leaving 17 people dead.

Kenyan University False Terror Scare Injures Scores Of Students

One student died and 168 others were injured in a security scare at the University of Nairobi Kikuyu campus. Students thought an exploding transformer was a terrorist attack.
Somali president

Somalia Cannot Survive Without Remittances

Somalis living in other countries are finding it difficult to send money home due to tighter financial regulation, and the government supports remittances.