Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys Surrenders to Somali Government

Initial reports pointed out that Sheik Hasan Dahir Aweys who was previously in the ranks surrendered to the government.

Ahmed Moalim Fiqi, Director of Somali National Security Agency confirmed to Dalsan Radio that Sheik Hassan Dahir is currently in Afgoi of Lower Shabelle Region where it is expected to take place a joint press conference announcing the surrender.

Dahir who was previously a closely ally to the current president, Sharif Sheik Hassan, who later become the chairman of Hisbul Islam, which later merged into the Shabab, which is affiliated to Al-Qaeda.

“Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys did not surrender to the Government, but a mere propoganda,” says Mohamed Ibrahim Bilal, a senior islamist leader closely ally to Aweys Mogadishu.

A senior official close to Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys rebuffed reports indicating that he surrendered to the government.

Mohamed Ibrahim Bilaal, who is a chairman of a separate religious group and close ally to Dahir declined the possible surrender of Dahir to the government, adding that “the Sheik is currently staying in his former residence and the report showing that he has surrendered to the government is a mere propaganda.”

Source Dalsan Radio ..Mogadishu Somalia

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