Donna Rae Williams Turns Into a Zombie when Pounding Her Hubby w/Hammer?

What leads up to a May 14th hammer bludgeoning of Mark Williams is not all that clear. Lots of drink and drugs are a partial reason for this obscurity. Donna Rae Williams lets her husband lie dead in his bed up until Wednesday, May 30th, before she nonchalantly calls 911 to report his departure at her own hands, giving four or five blows to his head (when sleeping) from a family hammer stored safely in the garage.

Our story takes place in Vancouver, Washington, where Donna Rae Williams was charged with first-degree murder, last Friday (June 1st) in a Clark County courtroom. A local news outlet for Vancouver,, obtained court documents that tell us much of what happened. Other sources are Donna Rae’s daughter, Rukiya Droste, who lives somewhere in Texas, and doesn’t have such a pretty picture to paint regarding her mother’s past.

donna rae williams

Other sources, which are less impartial than the daughter, are neighbors of Donna Rae, who complained of abuse at the hands of her husband, Mark, who also had a bad habit of cocaine use, if not a chronic addiction. A neighbor, Barbara Bright, seems to verify the abuse, since Donna Rae actually did have a black eye. We should say, Donna claimed to Barbara she was abused, but Rukiya emphasized (when talking to the media) that Donna was the real abuser.

drw barbara bright

Well, how do we sort all of this out? And to think that Mark punched Donna Rae in the face (allegedly, he struck her with a closed fist in the left eye) on Mother’s Day, which was Sunday, May 13th, a day before the murder. Donna Rae must have snapped on that Monday! “Bang bang Maxwell Silver’s hammer came down upon her head. Bang bang Maxwell Silver’s hammer made sure that she was dead” (The Beatles – Abbey Road).

Other than a gender mismatch, those Fab Four lines seem to capture what happened on May 14th to poor Mark Williams. Don’t you think I’m trying to be funny, ‘cuz I’m not! We hear that Donna didn’t quite finish him off the first time, but decides to run an errand at a convenience store, then casually returns, retrieves her instrument of death again from the garage, then pounds him in the head a few more times, until he’s finished off for good.

But how did things get so bad in the first place? Were Mark and Donna ever happy during their 30 years of marriage? According to their daughter, Rukiya Droste, not particularly, who claims her mother has some serious mental issues, which mostly stem from the toxicity of chronic alcoholism. She had a problem with painkillers too, and you know how bad that can be these days, especially when you mix pills with juice. Valley of the Dolls all over again!

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And Rukiya had been abused as a child. Her parents had whipped her with a belt and both were convicted of fourth-degree assault in 1994. And just two weeks before Mark gets it, he had revealed to Rukiya that Donna had been busted for shoplifting. He’d had it with her! My own observation, is when we see footage of her in a courtroom facing murder charges, she looks withered and bedraggled, stoned out of her mind, and Donna’s only 51. It looks like the booze and pills, and possibly the abuse (both hers and Mark’s) have taken their toll on her.

Donna Rae looks like a Zombie who’s given up all her powers of sanity and reason. She’s gone to the other side, just like so many others we’ve seen recently in the news! ZOMBIELAND is upon us for good, it looks like! Ahhh! Help!!!

Documents: ‘I just let him lie there and die’ –