Republic of Kenya Celebrates Its National Day

The citizens of Republic of Kenya today celebrated their National Day.

Kenya’seconomy has seen much expansion through the years as seen by strong performance in tourism, higher education and telecommunications, and acceptable post-drought results in agriculture, especially the vital tea sector, according to Wikipedia

US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, speaking in Washington, DC, extended the congratulations of President Obama and the people of the United States, to the people of Republic of Kenya.

“Our two countries share a strong commitment to Kenya’s future.” -Ms. Clinton

Kikuyu woman in traditional attire..

She noted that both countries are working to strengthen democracy, encourage greater stability, and promote prosperity in Kenya and throughout the region. She stressed the United States commends the very significant progress Kenya has made in implementing its new constitution and stands in partnership with the government and people of Kenya as the country prepare for the 2012 national elections.

She said Jamhuri Day is a time for all Kenyans to reflect on your country’s many blessings and accomplishments, as well as the challenges that lie ahead.

“As you celebrate with family, friends and loved ones on this joyous occasion, know that the people of the United States stand with you. Best wishes for a year of peace and prosperity.” -Ms. Clinton

Agriculture is the second largest contributor to Kenya’s gross domestic product. The principal cash crops are tea, horticultural produce, and coffee.

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