Prime Minister of Somalia Dr. Abdiweli Ali Announces His Cabinet Ministries

The Prime Minister of Somalia Dr. Abdiweli Ali on Wednesday evening named his cabinet ministries. The total of 18 ministers were named in the prime minister’s proposal.

Dr. Ali had entirely reshuffled the former Farmaajo cabinet bringing in new names for parliamentary approval.

The following is the list of ministers obtained by Newsblaze online:

1. Ahmed Hassan Gaboobe (Ugaas Bille), Minister for Justice and Religious Affairs

2. Mohamed Mohamud Haaji Ibrahim, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs

3. Hussein Arab Issa, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defense

4. Abdiwahab Ugaas Hussein Ugaas Khalif, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade and Industry

5. Abdisamad Maalim Mohamud Sheekh Hassan, Minister for Interior and National Security

6. Abdinasir Mohamed Abdulle, Minister for Finance

7. Asha Osman Aqil, Minister for Women and Gender

8. Abullahi Haji Hassan Mohamed Noor, Minister for Agriculutre and Livestock

9. Dr. Abdiaziz Sheikh Yusuf, Minister for Health 10- Abdulkadir Mohamed Ahmed, Minister for Information and Postal cooperation

11. Mohamed Muhudin Sheikh Mursal, Minister for Labour, Youth and Sports

12. Abdirahman Sheikh Ibrahim, Minister for Fisheries and Natural Resources

13. Adan Abdullaahi Adan, Minister for Transport

14. Abdirahman Hosh Jibril, Minister for Constitutional affairs and Reconciliation

15. Jaylani Noor Ikar, Minister for Housing and National Development

16. Abdulkadir Mohamed Diisow, Minister For Water and Energy

17. Prof. Ahmed Aydid Ibrahim, Minister For Education, Higher Studies and Culture

18. Abdullahi Godah Barre, Minister for Planning and International Relation