Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center Truly The ‘Best of The West!’

Hello again, readers. Two weeks back you and I took a trip across the country, as I spoke to you about the “Road Warrior” feeling that some (like me) get from time to time. And, I wanted to follow-up by telling you about a trip I just got home from. Let’s just say that the majestic beauty of the “Yellowstone Inn,” unfortunately, never entered into the picture.

Now, as I said before, I once sat down in a car that really wasn’t ready to go ‘West Young Woman,’ and took a child, a cat, and a TV set for a ride. Making our way across this nation was a bit frightening, seeing as that we ran into some fairly large tornadoes at the time that were seriously trying to race after my car to take me out. Remember the T-Rex from “Jurassic Park” in the side mirror? That’s what those tornadoes looked like that fell like hailstones behind me. And, of course, we would get off the highway in the evening and stay at hotels and motels that I believe may have been fashioned to look like Alcatraz – and not in its heyday. J

Last Thursday I did this again. However East was the route, so the stunning locale of Livingston, Montana – just off Interstate 90 – was nowhere in sight. Therefore, the most welcoming hotel in the world – *Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center* – was *not* going to be a part of my adventure. Instead, I was treated to hundreds of miles of red dirt. Yes, true story. This is the highway that looks like a mirage. You stare ahead and can see ten miles into your future, and the future looks just as hot and dry as your present and past. That blazing sun beats upon the tar and waves rise from the blacktop making everything slightly “wavy” in front of you. No conversation, no music, just those huge metal “grasshoppers” pumping that oil hour after hour…mile after mile.

In that car, sweating to death, I thought of one thing. Those truly fantastic pictures and stunning ambience of the Yellowstone Inn. I thought of families turning off the road and heading for the check-in counter. I thought of families walking into that air conditioned structure that was about to play home to them for days on end, while they enjoyed COOL-er weather, babbling brooks, picnics in the park, Old Faithful, fishing…talk about a beautiful mirage in my mind! A true oasis in my particular desert.

Paradise was what those families in my mind were staring up at. Being a part of the Best Western Chain, Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center is truly the ‘BEST of the WEST!’ Unfortunately, for me, they weren’t the Best of the EAST last week. Their accommodations are beyond stunning, the prices are beyond affordable, and…what can I say? Location! Location! Location!

Yellowstone Inn is the northern gateway to Yellowstone Park. So not only do visitors enjoy the beauty of nature, but they also walk into pure authentic western hospitality. At the check-in desk at Yellowstone Inn, you’re rewarded with smiles and luxury. You are rewarded with beautiful oversized rooms, and millions of amenities that make you feel at home. In the end, Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center offers you true serenity.

On our trip we actually followed a map that was completely and utterly wrong. I now want a GPS! In fact, there was a Loop that didn’t even exist, so we spent over an hour in that one-hundred-degree-plus heat trying to figure out what a LOOP was doing in the middle of nowhere. Each and every small town we came upon offered an Inn or a hotel of some sort…but I believe that Steven King STILL would’ve run in fear from most, or all of them. So the pictures of Yellowstone Inn once again invaded my brain.

*ellowstone Inn gives off that vibe that the traveler has actually entered a sacred spot where they and their family can soak up the atmosphere, entertainment, and fun. They can add to the pictures in their mind a wildlife photo (instead of a slimy, oil grasshopper J) Yes…for this road warrior perhaps age has become a factor. Or, perhaps a little spoiling is in order for this traveler now, and *ellowstone Inn *spoils you to death! A whole new life feels like it’s being led within those amazingly beautiful walls as you enjoy the most modern comfortable accommodations on the planet. At our hotel, the last guest had left the alarm clock on – which echoed through the room at 4:00 A.M. after a long, hot trip and reminded one of the sirens going off before the bombs were dropped in WWII.

You can visit the Hot Springs in Yellowstone Park while enjoying the beauty of the *Yellowstone Inn*;* *Hot Springs that are a site to see – an enchanting moment in your life. We had hot roads, hot ceilings, hot sheets – and no Jacuzzi. Of course, with all that heat, who would need one? However, the pool was directly under that Southern Sunshine, so a COOL pool wasn’t an option.

Am I whining? You bet I am! Because I am fully aware that the Yellowstone Inn with its perfect views and spectacular evenings is out there. And I want all of you to be aware too.

While there, you and your family can view the spectacular Great Fountain Geyser and its neighbor, White Dome Geyser, and travel the ever-changing travertine terraces. While staying at the Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center, you and your family can actually experience the truly “magical,” as if you’ve been awarded your very own trip to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry*! And the ONLY way to hold on to these amazing moments are to stay at an equally amazing hotel.

The history, the culture, everything becomes part of your soul when you return back to Yellowstone Inn, and the modern world comes back to spoil, indulge, and pamper you. There are so many amenities at this establishment that “The Best of Western Hospitality” is the perfect definition for this newly remodeled and refurbished hotel in Livingston, Montana. A true landmark in this historic western train town, Yellowstone Inn is a traditional meeting place for residents and visitors alike. Ninety-nine spacious rooms accented by unique western flavors everywhere you look, and designed for easy, comfortable rest and relaxation the old fashioned way.

Yellowstone Inn offers an indoor swimming pool, and an indoor parking garage which makes unloading and loading luggage, children, and gifts, easy and painless!

Here, you can go to the ‘ballroom’ and have a dream evening with the one you love; or, dine at their fantastic restaurant, Cafe Yellowstone & Double Shot Saloon*, then return upstairs to a huge selection of grandiose rooms offering King and Queen beds, such as the Wineglass Suite. I have mentioned this before, readers, but it deserves repeating! This is a two-room King with a sleeper sofa, and a full kitchen/dinette with the most extraordinary mountain views imaginable. All the regular amenities are offered here, BUT inside Yellowstone Inn you also receive oversized executive parlors with loveseats, refrigerators, and microwaves.

Out of the stunning ninety-nine rooms, there are ninety-two non-smoking rooms; two rooms for the physically challenged; and, three of the most breathtaking suites you’ve ever seen.

See how greedy YOU can become? A full service restaurant and lounge; conference, banquet, and meeting facilities; a guest 24-hour laundry with coin-operated washers and dryers; ice/vending machines; complimentary, wireless high-speed Internet access; a picnic area (Seeing Yogi and Boo-Boo would be *cool*); fax and photocopy machine; 24-hour front desk and guest lobby; elevator, wheelchair accessible; 24-hour lobby coffee service;* cable satellite television; 25-inch with four HBO channels and three ESPN channels in all guest rooms; AM/FM radio stereo; direct dial telephone with voicemail and dataport; lock bars in all rooms; room service (trust me, though, you’ll want to go to the Yellowstone Cafe and Double Shot Saloon); coffee/tea maker; rollaway beds and cribs available; adjoining rooms; free local calls; ironing boards; wall mounted bathroom hairdryers with night lights; AND the BEST scenery in the entire world!

And the cost is absolutely minimal! There are also AAA discounts and internet rate discounts available for all!

Yes…there are those road trips that offer Burger King whoppers, indigestion, two hundred degree pool water, and an amenity list that includes a bar of soap (that you don’t want to use because your skin would smell like a giant lizard), and a vending machine located three un-air-conditioned floors away. Get ice there and it will be pure water by the time you get back to your room.

You and your family will go to Yellowstone Inn for a family vacation; or you, the businessperson, will go to *Yellowstone Inn for your event or conference. BUT, after one hour, you will be begging the management to rent you a room for life!

This locale is it! Oh, how wonderful it would be for Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center to be off of every single exit on every single highway across the U.S. – but without the magic of “Harry Potter’s” wand, that just ain’t gonna’ happen!

Learn from my mistakes and head straight to Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center for the vacation of a lifetime!

Until Next Time, Everybody!

Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center

1515 West Park Livingston, MT. 59047 (I-90 exit 333) * Phone: (406) 222-6110 Toll-Free (800) 770-1874 (U.S. Reservations) Fax: (406) 222-3357

For Reservation information:

[email protected]

For Sales and Catering information: Deb Kowalzek, Director of Sales [email protected] or [email protected]

For Guest Services information: Joel Boren, Guest Services Manager: [email protected]

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