New Political Alliance Aims to Oust Current Somali President

A new alliance has been formed in the Somali political system. The current chairman of the Somali parliament, Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adam, has entered in a special cooperation with the former Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi.

The alliance is aimed at replacing the current Somali President, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, who they believe should step down from his position at the end of January.

Ali Gedi has put a lot of effort in a campaign against the current Somali President. He has already been working with Somali MP’s located in Nairobi, Kenya, to make them support the Gedi’s rise to power.

According to a special report on the Somali popular website, the Somali politicians in Nairobi are preparing to overthrow President Sharif.

The former Prime Minister, Ali Mohamed Gedi that wants to become the new President has started this campaign two months ago. Ali Gedi enjoyed a lot of support from Somali politicians when he was Prime Minister. But he lacks the support of the international community. He has been branded as “corrupt” after building a large house with a value of 1.5 million dollars in Nairobi when he resigned as Prime Minister.

Ali Gedi is 50 years old. He was professor in Europe before he became Prime Minister.

According to the analysis by, it is also possible that Gedi’s plans may affect the planned government offensive against Al Shabaab that has been announced to start very soon.

Somalia has no strong government since 1990 when the country collapsed after a coup against its former leader Mohamed Siyad Barre disrupted the political system.