Morocco Conferences on Nuclear Security, Nuclear Terrorism Held In Rabat


The United States and 28 African nations joined the Kingdom of Morocco, the IAEA, and INTERPOL at a two day conference, November 21st – 22nd, in Rabat, Morocco.

The conferences were the fourth regional seminar on the Nuclear Security Summit and the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, (GICNT) Africa Outreach Meeting.

The United States was represented on the first day, for the Nuclear Security Summit, by Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins, Coordinator for Threat Reduction Programs at the Department of State. The meeting reinforced Morocco’s commitments as a participant in the Nuclear Security Summit, initiated in Washington D.C., April 2010.

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nonproliferation Programs, Simon Limage, led the U.S. delegation on the second day, at the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism.

A founding partner of the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, Morocco demonstrated its continued leadership in the region, on these nuclear issues.

The State Department said both meetings helped advance President Obama’s vision of ensuring that terrorists never acquire a nuclear weapon. A spokesperson said the State Department applauds Morocco’s initiative and leadership in hosting both meetings.

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