Morocco Becomes Chair of Arab Anticorruption and Integrity Network

Deputy Assistant Secretary M. Brooke Darby Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs today announced that Morocco will become the chair of the Arab Anticorruption and Integrity Network.

In his opening statement by the United States of America at the UN Convention Against Corruption 4th Conference of the States Parties, Mr. Brooke recognized the leadership Morocco has shown, not only in hosting the Conference, but also in contributing to important activities in this region. He said Morocco hosted the fruitful June Multi-stakeholder Dialogue on Anticorruption and the Rule of Law in the Arab Region.

“So much has been accomplished since the Conference in Doha in November 2009. In less than two years, a vision articulated in Doha has been transformed into a functioning review mechanism. Our experts have met four times in Vienna under the new Implementation Review Group. Sixty-eight individual country reviews involving combinations of over 130 countries are either ongoing or have been finalized.” -Mr. Darby

He stressed that experts met for the first time ever in 2010 to focus exclusively on implementation of the prevention chapter, and have met twice since Doha to focus exclusively on asset recovery.

“Throughout this blitz of intersessional activity, we have collaborated with a wide range of signatories, other Member States, international organizations, and others outside government. It has indeed been a notable period of development for our efforts to implement the Convention.” -Mr. Darby

He cited that while Doha was a Conference that created new processes, Marrakesh is important as a Conference where they have a chance to reflect upon their primary goal – that is, implementing the convention.

“Specifically, how do we consolidate and build upon our accomplishments to date on the wide range of activities that fall under the authority of this Conference.” -Mr. Darby

He stated that the Review Mechanism is among their newest endeavors. It is an important process that they must preserve, but which they also always seek to improve. He said they have had approximately eighteen months of experience operating the mechanism and have learned a lot.

“The hard work of the Secretariat and our governmental experts – which should be commended – is beginning to bear fruit. We are starting to compile useful information about implementation and are identifying potential areas for technical assistance. But we need to address whether there are more efficient ways in which governments can complete the self assessment software, and assess the utility of the high volume of information gathered through the self-assessment process.” -Mr. Darby

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