More Religious Conflict in Nigeria, 150 Reported Dead

In another example of religion gone too far – as it has been taken too far for centuries – 150 Muslims have been reported killed in Christian crusades in Nigeria.

Human Rights Watch, an independent organization that strives to protect and defend human rights, has called on Nigerian vice president Goodluck Jonathan (yes, that’s his name) to open an investigation into the deaths.

The location of Plateau State in Nigeria, where recent deadly violence has broken out.

As many as 150 bodies were found in the village of Kuru Karama located in Plateau state. According to witnesses that spoke with HRW, armed assailants attacked the village on Tuesday. HRW said the attackers were “killing many as they tried to flee and burning many others alive.” Bodies were reported to have been stuffed into sewage pits and wells. Their homes and places of worship were also burned in the attacks.

HRW reported that Jonathan is holding the assailants in the state of Plateau responsible for this latest bout of religious madness.

More violence has recently taken place in the embattled nation. Jos, the capital city of Plateau state, saw 69 people killed and at least 600 injured in violence stemming from civil unrest on Sunday. According to CNN, there has been no confirmation on those numbers.

This kind of violence is nothing new for Nigeria. In late 2008, 700 Nigerians perished in post-election fighting. Christians and Muslims, naturally, were the guilty parties.

A study from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life last year found that 78 million Muslims inhabit Nigeria, making it the sixth largest Islam population in the world. Nigeria is nearly evenly divided between Christians and Muslims.

This writer wonders if there will ever be an end to religious fighting, and hopes Nigerian authorities can curb this useless conflict. Reporting on stories like this makes it very easy for me to remain an atheist.

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