Large Voter Turnout in Presidential Elections in Congo

Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland today congratulated congratulates the Congolese people for the large voter turnout and enthusiasm for the presidential and legislative elections.

“The United States continues to follow closely the electoral process in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). With today’s publication of the preliminary results, the United States urges the relevant Congolese authorities to complete the remaining steps in the electoral process by proceeding with maximum openness and transparency.” -Ms. Nuland

She emphasized that the United States continues to advocate to all Congolese political leaders and their supporters to act responsibly, to renounce violence, and to resolve any disagreements through peaceful dialogue and existing legal remedies. She said the Government of the DRC remains responsible for providing security for the people of the Congo.

“Any persons who use or incite imminent violence to derail the democratic process must be held accountable.” -Ms. Nuland

She stressed the United States stands with the Congolese people in their quest to advance peace and democracy in their country.

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