Kibo Aims to Make Motorbikes in Africa Safer

Kibo, a motorbike manufacturer, is working to make riding in Kenya safer. The company’s newest motorbike is designed to meet the rigors of the African terrain. The K150 is designed to be ridden off-road and on-road while adhering to the rough terrain in many African countries.

Designed in Amsterdam, the company spent two years meeting with motorcycle users in Africa to refine the design of the K150. The company is manufacturing the K150 to demand at their Nairobi facility in Kenya.

A hybrid motorcycle, the K150 offers off-road and street driving. The motorcycle features larger tires to meet off-road demands along with a suspension system that allows riders to ride with heavy cargo. The motorbike offers a high clearance between the bike and ground, too.

Kibo is founded by Huib van de Grijspaard, a Dutch economist.

Huib used a Kenya-based company to design the logo and come up with the name. Ark, a design studio, was in charge of the process. Greenspace, a UK-based entity, came up with the brand’s marketing campaign and brand strategy.

The brand strategy focuses heavily on safety. According to the David Boeherer Law Firm common causes of accidents include drunk driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving and drowsy driving.

The motorbike’s features have been designed to protect the rider from accident impacts. The motorcycle’s horizontal design is slim to allow for more space for cargo and passengers. The motorbike’s dual headlights provide dim or full light options with front and rear brake systems to offer performance braking.

The frame is also designed to protect the user from the impact.

Kibo plans to unroll the K150 in Kenya first with plans to expand their offering to other African countries, including Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda. The manufacturer is also promoting safety through training and equipment. The motorcycle will include protective gloves and helmets to riders.

Parts are sourced from manufacturers directly to keep unit costs to a minimum.

K150’s design keeps the needs of the medical community and courier companies in mind. The K150 is promoted to unofficial motorcycle taxis, too. The motorcycle has a carrying capacity of 250kg. Welded steel tubing is utilized to keep the motorcycle durable.

The 150 cc engine is a good compromise between power and efficiency.

Ground clearance is 200 mm with the front wheel boasting a 21-inch radius. The rear tire is 18-inches. The bash plate is reinforced to protect the underside of the K150 from rough terrain and rocks.

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