Jihadists and Terrorists Sail to Somalia to Make a Battleground for Armageddon

There are massive conversions underway from a certain sect or denomination to another, mostly for financial purposes in Somalia. Al-tihad, an Islamic movement that originated from Saudi Arabia has regular funding. Its members are married to four women and usually divorce after one year. Generally, the divorce rate is higher in militants.

The Salafi sect whose founder is Muqbil, a mullah from Sadiya region of Yemen, are mostly single and poor. Such conversion within Islam may pave the way for co-living with non-Muslims.

Islamic Cults Moved In After Government Left

As soon as the Somali government disappeared, numerous cults arrived from where the religion originated. The arrival was timely. The country was in political turmoil. People were dying of hunger. Consequently, they could not challenge what the neo-Islamists were preaching on a daily basis.

The sect’s activities centered on religious teaching in the initial stages and preaching in designated areas such as Mosques and Masalah, just like any other Muslim country. Even their preaching was something trite and common to every Muslim adult. In other words, their sermon was similar to Sufism teachings which Somalis were used to hearing for centuries.

New Sects Infiltrate By Stealth

As time went by, the new sects began to distribute food, including dates and rice, and also worn-out clothes to the poor. The clothers were mainly collected from oil-rich countries. Everyone admired their humanitarian role. When they realized that they earned backing from the deprived society, they started to build Madrasas. “Street preaching” was something that never existed in Somalia, which was predominantly an Islamic country. At that time, no one could decipher their ulterior motives.

They started to gain armaments, by means of purchasing guns from Somali militia. It began unexpectedly. The few visionaries remaining in Somalia tried to bring the issue to public attention, but to no avail. They occupied state-buildings such as high schools, and used them as training camps. Amoud University has been training militants for over five years, now. Unlike the old mullahs who used to confine themselves to the mosques, the new group started to meddle in politics. This is what many experts termed “political Islam.”

Having millions of dollars, Wahdad (the equivalent term to Wahabi) bought the hearts of many ex-mullahs and convinced them to convert to their new dogma. This contributed to Wahabi movements of all sorts growing tremendously.

Arabism Distorts Image Of Islam

Arabism intermingled with the religion here in Somalia. To criticize Arab individuals is now blasphemy. A new Hadith was brought in, to support that, “do not criticize Arabs because Mohamed belongs to them.” In fact, this is a fabricated lie. None of the major religions of the world, Christianity, Islam, or Judaism, used to encourage racial supremacy. Islam now sees Arabs as a superior race. But their version of Islam promotes the interest of one race, namely, Arabism, which is totally wrong. The fact is that Islam calls for the respect and equality of human beings, but through actions of few powerful mullahs, Islam’s image was distorted.

To jihadize (to make jihadists) the entire nation, these harmless-looking cults brain-washed our adolescents, de-cultured our adults and altered our way of life under the pretext of re-Islamization. The dogma attracted US-grown teenagers of Somali origin more than their counterparts in other countries including Somalia. It was reported that many suicide bombers in Hargiesa had their DNA medically examined by US detectives. It was said that they came to the conclusion that these intoxicated murderers who died in the blasts came from the United States and had relatives there.

Bidoa, formerly a home of starvation or what media outlets once referred to as “City of the walking dead” or “death city” added terrorism to its list of accomplishments. Hundreds of local and foreign Jihadists are roaming everywhere. Forced marriage of teenagers is rampant. Sharia law was imposed upon the impoverished folks. Drug barons from Afghanistan preach to people not to smoke crack!

While people were otherwise occupied, extreme clergymen penetrated the fabric of our society

Now extreme clergymen have penetrated the fabric of our society. The extraction from the middle of society is as costly as off-shore oil. But their largest concentration places are in Mogadishu and Kismayo in south Somalia. These places need carpet bombardment like Afghanistan.

Finally, Jihadists and diehard terrorists sailed to Somalia to make a battleground for Armageddon. The genesis of such cruel cults is attributed to individuals operating from overseas.