Deadly Bombings in Yemen Kill 70, Injure Hundreds

In two separate incidents, suicide bombings killed at least 70 people including women and children.

In a press statement in Washington DC, US Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki said the United States strongly condemns the despicable attack against civilians gathered in Tahrir Square in Sana’a.

Ms. Psaki said the Yemeni people have lived with senseless violence for far too long and the recent increase in hostilities against innocent civilians only undermines the progress Yemen has made in achieving meaningful reform since 2011.

Woman of Taiz, Yemen Arab Republic. UN Photo

“We also condemn the attacks on Yemeni security forces in Hadramawt on October 9, as well as in Bayda on October 8, aimed at undermining Yemen’s stability.” – Ms. Psaki

Ms. Psaki called on all Yemenis to refrain from violence, to return to peaceful expression of dissent, and work peacefully through the country’s political transition process to make their voices heard.

Deadly Bombings Kill at Least 70 People

One suicide bombing killed at least 47 people and wounded another 70 in Sanaa during a gathering of supporters of the rebel Shiite Houthis. In a southern part of the country in Mukalla, a car bomber killed at least 20 soldiers and injured dozens of civilians.

Body parts, pools of blood, and dead bodies were scattered across Tahrir Square.

Houthis In Rebellion Again

Last month, Houthis asserted their power and rights by launching a massive protest against the government. The Muslim group have set up encampments in Sanaa near the Interior Ministry.

News started to circulate earlier that talks to form a new Yemeni government did not materialize over demands by Houthis to gain back fuel subsidies cut by President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

At least 120 people were killed in the latest clashes between Yemeni government forces and Shi’ite Muslim Houthi rebels in northern Yemen in July this year.

Around 100 Houthi rebels and 20 Yemeni government soldiers were engaged in a fierce battle.

The Yemeni forces used warplanes to attack the positions held by the rebels near the provincial capital of Amran.

The fighting ended after a ceasefire was agreed.

The Houthis have been launching uprisings over the past 10 years. The rebels are earnestly fighting for autonomy in northern Yemen.

Earlier, the rebels attacked Amran, leaving 150 civilians dead.

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