Dalsan Radio Reporter Critically Injured after Kismayo Blast

Journalists for independent Goobjoog radio, Mascud Abdullahi along with another journalist, Farah Saha were shot and wounded in Kismayo after the pair went to the scene of an explosion to report the event. Soon after the blast happened, both journalists were injured by random gunfire.

Dalsan radio journalist, Mascud Abdullahi, sustained severe wounds from his head to his stomach and was rushed to the hospital, where doctors said he needed surgery immediately. The two journalists were hospitalized at the main Kismayo hospital where medical access remains insufficient and without enough medical supplies because the town has been a hot spot between different warring sides.

Dalsan radio director, Hassan Ali Gesey expressed great concern about the condition of Abdullahi, as there were no immediate means to reach him.

Another journalist who witnessed the journalists’ situation told Dalsan Radio that the two journalists will need extra medication and their conditions are to be reviewed. It is sad for all that the doctors in Kismayo could not provide the needed medical service needed for these men in their critical condition.

Hassan Ali Gesey
Hassan Ali Gesey is an experienced correspondent in Mogadishu, Somalia.