Cervical Cancer The Most Common Women’s Cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa

Global Health Initiative Director Lois Quam today reported that cervical cancer is the most common women’s cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa and is 4-5 times more common among women who are HIV-positive.

“Great week for global health! Secretary Clinton joined former President George W. Bush to announce the Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Partnership at the Summit to Save Lives here in Washington.” -Ms. Quam

She stated that the new public-private partnership will educate, test, diagnose, and treat cervical and breast cancer in women in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. She highlighted that central to the Global Health Initiative (GHI) is to work closely with partners and deliver more efficient, leveraged results.

“Additionally, breast cancer is estimated to result in 1.4 million new cases and kill 458,000 women each year globally. Integrating HIV and cervical and breast cancer treatment services makes sense.” -Ms. Quam

She reported that United States partners will leverage the PEPFAR platform and other sources of funding to support breast cancer efforts. She said both HIV and the cancer screening and treatments use many of the same techniques and entry points.

“This one-stop shop approach is an effective and efficient response to maximize the impact of helping women and consequently her children, and goes a long way to meeting the integrated approach which is the hallmark of the Obama Administration’s approach to global health.” -Ms. Quam

She stressed that the Secretary made a remarkable speech and put down a clear marker that Obama’s Administration will build on the bi-partisan spirit of PEPFAR and focus on investing in women.

“The Secretary made it clear that saving lives by improving women’s health has been and will continue to be a personal mission for her. Stay tuned for more announcements as we continue to advance America’s investment in women and children.” -Ms. Quam

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