Al Shabab Extremists Attack Somali Govermnet Forces in Mogadishu

Al Shabab extremists attacked Somali government forces during the night between Wednesday and Thursday in the Somali capital Mogadishu. The militia used a hand grenade in their attack.

A spokesman of the Somali police said that the attack “injured at least four persons, three of whom were government soldiers”.

Local residents told NewsBlaze they heard the grenade attack in the Dharkanley neighbourhood of Mogadishu.

The wounded people were reportedly rushed to the nearby Madina hospital shortly after the explosion. The Madina hospital is located in the area of Mogadishu that is under government control.

After the explosion, the attacked soldiers are said to have fired in every direction but no further casualties were reported.

Government forces in the area began search operations even though it seems the assailants had immediately escaped from the scene after the grenade attack.

Al Shabab frequently attacks government forces and AMISOM peacekeepers.