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Working mom
Working mom

Shoe Parties Help Time-Strapped Bizy Moms

Ever popular alligator embossed spike-heels, slick patent-leather Mary Janes, almond-shaped toe metalics, chunky-heeled ankle boots, we-want-them-all, and a pair of those new wedges too, all carefully arranged on the livingroom dining table this weekend.

“Build a better mousetrap and they will come,” or in this case build a better show outlet, and hard pressed for time bizy moms can’t wait to get to the shoe house party. Traveling footware house party company “Soles by NioShe” had developed the ideal mousetrap for foot weary moms.

Guests squeal with delight upon entering the footwear house party, eyes scan across table display as they decide between satin trimmed loafer and that strappy bronze heel calling out, “Try me on.”

Women comfortable in ashes and sack cloth still want their feet adorned with their personal shoe choices. It’s just something we do, shoes and jewelry. Dee Greene-Hill has been quoted as stating, “I could care less about clothes, but there is something about …” as she points to offerings produced by entrepreneurs Nioka Biggs-Wyatt and Shelly Johnson. “I can’t believe I haven’t heard about more of these happening in other places,” Dee continues.

She like many others will soon if Briggs-Wyatt and Johnson have any say in the matter. Working moms are increasingly finding time savings ways to shop as well as spare time mathods of making extra money. Once the prevue of plastic dishes and decorative glassware the house party has been a life saver for working women wanting to supplement their income. This latest fad is far more fun than Tupperware or glass Vases, these Bizy Moms are becoming Fashion entrepreneurs.

Working moms
Working moms

Home sales is by no means a new phenomenon, it was a real money maker back when Mary Kay offered top sales staff one-year lease on a pink Cadillac and the popular doorbell chime meant “Avon Calling.”

Now home sales has become ever more fun for working moms no longer limited to established brands. Today’s bizy moms house parties range from sexy undies to expensive high-profit large purses and even bigger sales today are found in the growing trend to produce plus-sized clothing.

Many moms design items themselves. What you can’t sell at a party often is in great demand at Craft Shows around the country, October Fest being the biggest across the country in the U.S.

For bizy bizy moms with very young children it is often better to sell wholesale. Which ever works best for you, Either way, opportunity is here for businesswomen to offer services they enjoy. Added benefit is time saved by working moms without time to do hunt and peck shopping between local retailers in your part of town.

The working moms Biggs-Wyatt and Johnson story is a prime example of how bizy moms can succeed when motivated. “Soles by NioShe” combining both mom’s first names also prove geography need not be a setback. Biggs-Wyatt lives in Blackwood and recruits New Jersey to Pennsylvania business. Johnson, a resident of Bear, Delaware focuses on her residential state.

Working biz mom
Working biz mom

Biggs-Wyatt says she “Wanted to open her own business but cost of overhead was just too steep. I did the next best thing.” After graduating with a fashion and apparel degree she struck out on her own two years ago.

With contacts made in college, she contacted several companies, investing $1,000 on merchandise. Plotting her mega sale, Biggs-Wyatt rented a hotel room, then printed out flyers and passed them among friends. To her surprise over 200 people showed up to buy.

“In five hours I made $6,000,” she says. Pregnant with son Xavier, her next bizy mom effort had to be put on hold. Spring of 2006 she decided to sell for the season rather than produce just one event. It didn’t take long to realize hauling boxes of merchandise door-to-door was a truly bad idea. The work involved was far too much for one mom. That was when she asked for help from her friend Johnson, a marketing expert for J.P. Morgan Chase with an 18-month old son of her own.

The pair put together their first show in Lindenwold at Bethany Baptist church. Things didn’t work nearly as well as planned. Johnson said, “I think it was the presentation. The shoes… we didn’t put them out in pairs. Display is so important.”

Next time around it was a home party at a Delaware friend’s residence where they made nearly $1,000.

Today, the working moms trawl New York wholesale footwear markets a couple times a year just like brick-and-mortar shoe stores looking for trendy new hot gotta-have merchandise.

Who says being a bizy mom has to be a downer, working women can have it all.

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