Why Do We Abuse Our Closest? We are Part of Them, So Why Hurt Them?

Rape, abuse, treating one another unequally and losing one’s self esteem. Today we live in a society that calls itself for modern and developed but still we continue having outrageous behavior and emotional instability from many of us. Why would we hurt one another? Why would we try to abuse one another? Is it the feeling of controlling and having the power over someone that is weaker or are we mentally sick and we try to deny it?

Still how many times we try to treat the problem, the number of people getting hurt is increasing in a horrible way. Many women are still living in a nightmare inside their homes and jobs. Those who are strong enough to report the violence they have been exposed to, survive and are forced to live on with shocking trauma memories the rest of their lives.

But many of us still live in silence, in denial and in a dream, where the reality is to frightening to even experience. And for those who haven’t been exposed to such a treat, we live in an imaginary world where everything is so perfect and surreal, even though many of us do hear shouting and crying from time to time in the neighborhood. We simply do not take action as long as it doesn’t disturb our daily lives.

Why do we behave in that way? Why do we indirectly encourage those who abuse us with our silence? Are we evil or are we planning on remaining hidden until something bad happens to our society? We are human, we should feel and participate to rescue our weakened society.

Even though we try to demolish domestic violence we still see it haunting our media reports and especially today’s music idols that our young children look up to.

I believe that everyone has heard about Rihanna and Chris Brown. How the singer Rihanna got abused by her boyfriend Chris Brown, who has many young teenagers as fans. Is it right to abuse someone you really love? How could he do that?

I believe that abusing and mistreating each other will have an impact on our modern society in the future. We will develop new and aggressive generations that will lead us away from our modern democratic society.

I believe that this issue of ours does not end with this short article. It is a global threat and we have to act before it demolishes our newborn modern society.

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