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Donia Najar loves to write science fiction and review books. She says writing is her supplying energy that keeps her functioning.

Love … Why are We Addicted?

What is love and why are our love lives so miserable today. Read more to find out !

Nobody is Perfect When It Comes to Parenting

I believe that everyone, even the most 'perfect' of all lives, will still find things they don't enjoy. It is very important that we do try to see the real side in our society. Let us try to enjoy life as it is instead of trying to overdo our liv
Yelling opinions.

Why is Living so Hard?

Every day, every hour, every minute and every second do pass way. It is the natural way of developing, of changing, of becoming some things, some ones we have never been. We do celebrate our anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions but we never

The Twilight Saga

'I reached out for him, found his hands in the darkness and pulled myself closer to him. His arms encircled me cradling me to his chest. My lips searched, hunting along his throat, to his chin till I finally found his lips' wrote Stephanie Meyer.

Why Do We Abuse Our Closest? We are Part of Them,...

Rape, abuse, treating one another unequally and losing one's self steam. Today we live in a society that calls itself for modern and developed but still we continue having outrageous behavior and emotional instability from many of us.

An Ordinary Life Isn’t That Ordinary After All

I believe that living in that way is too boring because of the fact that it is not in our nature to be or seek being average, and by living that kind of a lifestyle will eventually beat and destroy our desires, which may make us senseless.