An Ordinary Life Isn’t That Ordinary After All

An ordinary life is a life without passion, adventure, risks and danger.

I believe that an ordinary life is too boring and dull because of uninteresting impressions that gives everyone. If one’s life is ordinary or average then her life is almost worth nothing, in the eyes of others. By that I mean that living that way is almost like being dead or living without truly living.

A common life is a form of living that keeps us hidden in the shadow of others and being or living an average life, shows how little we care for ourselves and our satisfactions and how we beat our desires and needs. A common life for me is almost copying and doing same things as everybody and not really showing our true talents that do lie inside of us. A common life seems to me as a copied lifestyle too safe to be feared and too average to be noticed.

I believe that living in that way is too boring because of the fact that it is not in our nature to be or seek being average, and by living that kind of a lifestyle will eventually beat and destroy our desires, which may make us senseless. It is like living with less senses and motions. I also think that it is boring because that kind of life is very safe and secure and fail to notice the fun part of living a human life.

But an average life has also good and bright sides. Living an ordinary life is like living in safety and in the same time avoiding taking risks, which will make us unharmed and protected. In the same time many people do have that kind of life, and by having people with a similar lifestyle will after all make us more acceptable and give us the chance of making new friends, who has a similar lifestyle to ours, which eventually will make us able to share, reflect and seek improvements from others.

But a general life also has its negative values as well. The negative values come from ones surroundings, which is related to the way others see one and how little they appreciate one’s life.

If one’s life is ordinary it means that he/she has never taken chances in their lives and in the same time it reflects their personality and shows the way they see life from their own perspective. But the worst thing of all is the bad judgment the one’s with the average lifestyles usually receive from their surroundings. They are always known as being too normal, uninteresting, boring, not special nor gifted.

The way we live, will in the end reflect how we are as persons. An ordinary life is something that many people on this planet have. Those who live that kind of life are always unnoticeable and too average but we as humans always search after new, unique and matchless things and lives.

From my personal opinion, I believe that there is no such a thing like average, ordinary, regular persons or personalities. I believe that from birth everybody is born to be special and live a special life. I also believe that it lays in our hands the power of making our lives special. We have only to see and feel ourselves as special, unique and unusual.

At the end I think that everything and everyone is extraordinary.