Top 10 Hotttest Model – Claudia Schiffer

When one thinks of the most beautiful women in the world, one cannot help but to think of Claudia Schiffer. Ms. Schiffer was born in Rheinberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany, on August 25th, 1970. At age 17, she dropped her plans to become a lawyer at her fathers’ law firm, after she was discovered by the head of Metropolitan Model Agency, who signed her. The stunning blonde haired, blue eyed beauty, standing 5 feet and 11 eleven inches tall, with measurements of 37, 24, and 36 inches, would emerge to become one of the greatest supermodels in the world.

After finishing her degree, Claudia achieved print work success in France, where she was a hit, landing the cover of French Elle, among others. When designer legend Karl Lagerfeld chose her to become the new face of Chanel, her supermodel status was firmly cemented worldwide. Her fame grew more great, thanks to the massive campaign as the Guess? girl, which made her the object of desire for young men and boys around the world. She was now a mere age 19. Her famous look helped launch Guess? in to a more famous brand as much as the brand helped catapult Claudia with more fame. Contracts with Revlon, runway shows for the biggest designers in the world, and over 500 more magazine covers followed.

After conquering the modeling world, Claudia went on to make appearances in a number of respectable films, including Richie Rich, Love Actually, and Zoolander. In addition to more work on T.V. and music video, she also released four exercise videos which achieved best seller status. With her associates, models Elle MacPherson, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer opened the legendary restaurant chain, Fashion Cafe. She made more fame, after marrying one of the wealthiest entertainers in the world, billionaire illusionist David Copperfield. The being sawed in half didn’t last, and she then later married movie producer Matthew Vaughn, with whom she had two children.

The hobbies of this smart, talented, and amazingly beautiful top model include painting, tennis, snow skiing, and riding horses, among more. Claudia also tells us that she is currently working on launching her own fashion line, which will include cashmeres and handbags for starters. Ranked one of the wealthiest German women of all time, she is treated with great reverence in her homeland.

She didn’t set out to become famous, or even a model, but this once shy girl known as Claudia Schiffer admits that modeling helped her get over being timid. With her timeless look, the world can be thankful this star succeeded in her goals. Claudia Schiffer is for certain, one of the Top 10 Hottest Models of our time. Creative, brave, and beautiful, she is one of the greatest fashion icons in the world.

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