Recipes for a Tasteful Relationship Part 2

Yesterday I wrote an article about spending alone time with your other half. If you haven’t gotten the chance to read it I’d highly suggest you read it, “Recipes for a Tasteful Relationship

Today I want to share with you why I decided to learn to love my wife and why it’s so important that you both understand the commitment it takes to make a difference. So both of you can be happy tomorrow.

My wife is rare and the most amazing woman whom I dedicate a lot of time trying to figure out. What makes her happy, sad or even horny?

She needs sensitivity from me, understanding and most of all she deserves my respect. A woman’s heart is pure and the reason why us little boys become the men we need to be.

Your wife or other half is a determined mother, wife, friend or girlfriend.

Think about this for moment, mothers somehow manage to work fulltime from 8am until 5 pm. Before that she’s up by 6 making lunches getting the kids ready and out the door for school, feeds the pets, throws laundry into washer and makes it to work on time without a shower (in most cases) or without a second to spare.

After work its hurry up and dash to two different schools to round up the kids. She races home, works on homework, lets the dog out, empties the dishes, finishes the laundry, makes dinner, feeds her family (Yes, husbands are often fed each day too). By 7pm kids are scurried thru the showers like a walk thru kid wash.

If she is fortunate enough to make it to bed by 11pm after cleaning up the dinner dishes, running the vacuum and as selfish as it may seem to you she just wants to sit for an hour and watch her favorite TV show that was recorded on DVR five nights ago.

After reading all that wouldn’t you agree a loving, caring and supportive man is what she needs.

Never let a kind word left unspoken or a show of appreciation stop you from losing the woman in your life.

Until Next time: Hopefully it’s not too late.

Stevie J Stevenson Jr.