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Stevie J Stevenson Jr is a freelance writer and business owner, who likes to find interesting news and events to share with his readers.

Prescription Medication Abuse Among American Teens on The Rise

Teenage prescription medication abuse is fast becoming a world wide epidemic.

War Against Iraq Comes With a Price

Causalities of war and the price of freedom. This time American Freedom was on the bill.Iraq War : Our Bill: Our Lives: Their Freedom
Bed bug infestations

Bedbugs Fly: Airline Reports Bedbugs on Flight

One passenger reports being bitten by bedbugs while on a flight from Atlanta to New York City.

Companies Now Use Social Media to Determine Insurance Rates

Companies are viewing your social media profiles and post before determining your rates and more. It's not just employers anymore either.

Philadelphia War Memorial Desecrated

Vietnam War Memorial desecrated, disrespecting surviving loved ones and those who loss their lives defending our freedom.
heisman trophy 1973

Heisman Trophy WInner Announced; Historic Win

This years Heisman Trophy winner makes history for his school.
Cheryl Hepner

Woman Shoots Son-In-Law, Events Captured On iPhone

What happens next is shocking. Miglino was hit twice, once in the rib cage and once in the shoulder.

New Jersey Appoints New Director for Medical Marijuna Program

New Jersey Medicinal Marijuana Law Faces Many Obstacles. It seems most Pt alive today who allegedly need medical marijuana won't live long enough to legally smoke it.

Dad Packs Son’s Lunchbox With Marijuana

Marijuana for lunch; 18 month old son takes a marijuana cigarette to school inside his lunchbox, daycare workers call police.

Drunk Women Bus Driver Arrested At Middle School

Authorities arrested a New Jersey bus driver for being drunk with 25 kids on board. Blow before you go -ignition interlock devices and vehicle disabling switches are needed. Add a GPS to it as well.

Are You Using a Dirty Cell Phone?

Are you using dirty devices? Truth about the materials used to make your cell phone.

Technology Can Save Lives; But It’s Illegal

Technology currently banned in every country worldwide including the US, could be used to save lives.

NJ Opening Day Bear Hunt! Voice Your Opinion!

New Jersey Bear Hunt opening day ends the lives of 200. Protest or show support. Read and comment, opinions posted.
samsung display

Samsung Announces New Flexible Screens and Smartphone-Tablet Hybrids

Samsung shows off it's newest invention, transparent video screen display.
Saved Kittens

Heroic Yellow Lab Rescues Two Helpless Kittens

Yellow lab rescues 2 helpless kittens wrapped inside of a bag.

Facebook Settles Privacy Violations and Deception of Users

Facebook Settles FTC Complaint On Privacy and Deception of users.

Steve Jobs’ Homeland Syria Bans iPhone

Steve Jobs family roots link him to Syria. Today they banned his iPhone. The country is currently experiencing violent protest and the Syrian government has outlawed the device to stop activists who are allegedly using it to expose government abuse.

16 Celebrities Face Reports About Their Sexuality: Hollywood’s Gay Rumors

Hollywood has it's share of tabloid rumors, however these stars have been suspected of being gay by girlfriends, family and the public.
craigslist killer

Texas Officials Release Craigslist Murder Suspect

Richard Beasley according to authorities is now linked to a recent plot to run fake Craigslist wanted ads in an attempt to lure robbery victims.
secret santa

Secret Santa Hands out $100 Bills

Secret Santa hands out $100.00 bills in Reading Pennsylvania, the poorest city in America. Read how much he handed out and watch the video of a homeless man crying.