New Jersey Appoints New Director for Medical Marijuna Program

New Jersey appointed retired Lieutenant John O’ Brien Jr, a 26 year-old veteran of the NJ State Police as director of The State Compassionate Use Medicinal Marijuana Program (MMP).

The Coalition for Medical Marijuana-New Jersey (CMMNJ) notes with interest the appointment by the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) of John H. O’Brien Jr.

The CMMNJ has doubts that the program will be implemented during the Christie administration.

“The appointment of a person with a law enforcement background as opposed to a health care background is another example of the fear from the Christie administration,” Ken Wolski Executive Director CMMNJ said.

The law has passed nearly two years ago and to date not a single patient can legally possess medical marijuana in this state.

It’s seems as if those in support of the program are not happy with the states strict guideline on the potency of the marijuana. NJ wants less potent grade.

“The legislature has already declared that these rules are inconsistent with the intent of the legislation. CMMNJ supports the legislative initiative to invalidate a number of these rules.”

CMMNJ also reports that patients who could benefit from medical marijuana are currently disqualified from participating in New Jersey’s MMP and will continue to be disqualified in the future.

According the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services website, there are 109 physicians who are pre- registered to prescribe the medical marijuana. They also announce a Patient questionnaire and registry as well.

One thing the law prohibits from doing in the Great Garden State is growing weed or marijuana will still be illegal.

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