Psychic Rose Stuart Warns Trump of WWIII

She predicted Donald Trump’s win, hacking by Russia, the attempted overthrow of the U.S. election, and numerous attempted assassination plots. She is one of America’s most gifted psychics, and is rapidly becoming the go-to clairvoyant and psychic to the stars. Her name is Rose Stuart, and she works in an unassuming, nondescript shop near Northern Los Angeles, in Pasadena, California. The White House reportedly received her recent predictions, and today, she announces several new shocking visions that world leaders would be wise to heed, warning Donald Trump of WWIII.

The latest news report of her predictions are quite shocking, and should serve as a warning not only to the world, but to political leaders as a whole. The following details that warning, and report. I stated the following about Rose in a former story about her, as a person with ‘second sight;’

Psychic to the Stars – Rose Stuart

“Within ten minutes of sitting in her cozy, quaint office, she began telling me of things that not even an investigative researcher could have known about me and some of my past, present, and future. Tears came to her eyes – and mine. I didn’t believe she was the real deal. Belief implies a necessity for faith, as there could be no scientific proof. I didn’t believe – rather I knew. I had proof – she was indeed what legends are made of, and what countless often search for, but never find. In short, she is the real deal. OK I thought, maybe she had dug really deep on the internet and read something I had stated about my childhood years ago. I tried to rationalize it all. I then met her a second time, and once again she told me something else intimate about me that no one could have known, that was never online. Once again, I was utterly speechless, stunned, and amazed. She actually told me that angels had communicated through her and told me this particular information. As far fetched as it may sound to some, after this happened, I completely believed her. Guessing this information was not possible. Two times in a row – I was shocked and amazed, and actually still am.”

(Rose: Pictured; Contact: 626-361-1525)

Psychic Rose Stuart.
Psychic Rose Stuart

A Warning to World Leaders of WWIII

World expert Astrologer and Psychic Rose Stuart states; “Right now, I am worried about the possible timeline that we (the U.S.) are going in to a war, and I feel that Russia might be going against us. I also see concern of a possible terrorist attack. These are the main concerns right now. I am seeing that Assad from Syria is going to try to retaliate with other leaders in others countries (such as Russia and Iran) behind him. He did not act alone with the chemical weapons – others are behind him. It is difficult to get specifics right now beyond that, as there are many people involved.” (Note: a recent news report in the Jerusalem Post today just indicated today that an Israeli spy satellite allegedly just discovered that Russia allegedly has ballistic missiles stockpiled in Syria).

Further Predictions Revealed

Rose adds, “I feel that some in the Democratic Party, and some in the mainstream media news stations are trying to turn Russia against us, and against Trump, but The White House are not realizing that they are turning them against us because they keep accusing Russia of interfering with the satellites. So now with the bombing in Syria from Trump, they are trying to look at Russia to redeem themselves in the eyes of all countries. So it looks like certain members in the Democrat Party and the certain News Stations including CNN are going to get what they want if they don’t stop it. And what they want is a war with Russia against the U.S.”

Rose continues, “The U.S. are making Russia feel belittled and under Trump’s control, because they made them move a (spy) satellite. Certain Democrats are behind this, and some of the (good people in the) CIA do not know everything about this. A lot of people are against Trump, trying to create a war, but they don’t understand it will hurt the U.S. There are certain Democrats and some others that are trying to make a war with other countries – it is deliberate.”

What makes this prophecy even more compelling, aside from Rose’s accuracy with other predictions, is the view by many concerning the so called “Deep State,” which has now officially been acknowledged by The White House and certain mainstream news media, pertaining to certain alleged powerful individuals entrenched within or connected to the political administration that, according to some – want war with Syria, Iran, and Russia among more.

Ironically, while many accused Hillary Clinton of wanting war with Russia and Syria, it is exactly the same stage that has been seemingly set to try to turn Trump quickly around 180 degrees from his earlier position on Syria, and from his reported earlier willingness to work with Russia, which – according to some, has now been damaged. Some speculators suggest that Trump is falling in to the trap of deep state globalists who want war, including WWIII to serve their agenda of chaos and global domination.

With Rose Stuart’s latest new prediction, we should take heed, which I will repeat; “There are certain Democrats and some others that are “trying” to make a war with other countries – it is deliberate. – Rose Stuart

We must not be eager to bomb, position stances of war overly aggressively and overtly, and must do all we can to refrain from war. The peace of the world, and our future – depends on it.

To the Unbelievers

As I reported in a previous story about her, as a medium, intuitive, and clairvoyant, “Rose says that her response to skeptics – even to those who say they don’t believe in the type of work she does, is that most of those people would still go to see a pastor – whose work is based on faith, or a psychiatrist. Rose reminds readers that she is importantly – a minister, and also a psychic advisor, with her work from the psychic side helping to bring positive influence, she puts clients on the right path much like a counselor would do, but as she is also an advisor who is both psychic, and intuitive. It is a ultimately, a holistic approach.”

In this same way, Rose suggests that “Skeptics simply give it a chance with an open mind and try a reading, stating that she can’t convince someone, yet only what she tells a client in a reading what she sees – will she then make them a believer. “The work speaks for itself,” she states, adding, “My work is my religion.” She adds, “My work is what I believe. And I pray every day. I pray for my family, I pray for my self, and – I pray for my clients. I really care about them.” An utterly amazing human being who has a truly powerful spiritual gift, Rose is a treasure to those who have an open mind. For those that do and make the connection with her, they are in for a truly life changing encounter.”

Contact Rose:

Rose may be contacted at the Psychic Spiritual Temple at 5753 Huntington Drive, S. Pasadena, California, 90032, USA (walk in’s welcome), or for appointments or readings by phone, contact Rose at: 626-361-1525. For more information, e-mail: GreatFallsRose at gmail dot com

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