Los Angeles Matchmaker Gives Homeless Kids a Special Christmas

Elite Connections’ L.A. matchmakers fundraiser is an event held once a year here in L.A, and is giving people a chance to meet new interesting people and enjoy the holiday season with a meaningful purpose. Elite Connections states that at the party, guests will find “Successful, quality single men, stunning women, and their married friends” who will gather at this event to raise money to help the most needy children in Los Angeles. This year is their 17th annual event and it will be held at The Mountaingate Country Club in LA on December 3rd, 2016.

Elite Connections party with a purpose.
Elite Connections party with a purpose.

Los Angeles Matchmakers Making Holiday Magic With Party With A Purpose Black-Tie Fundraiser

Proceeds from the event will help gift children with holiday presents, ranging from clothes, shoes, skateboards, cell phones, backpacks, and more. Each year, children come from inner city Los Angeles and from the streets of L.A. to the Los Angeles’ matchmakers annual Christmas party, and are given many valuable gifts that the matchmakers have collected and bought. Elite Connections states that “These are children that would otherwise not have any type of celebration or gifts.” Sherri Murphy, who is in charge of the fundraiser and the children’s party says, “Our goal each year is to give every child that attends our party the best Christmas they’ve ever had. Come join us at the fundraiser and help us make this dream come true again this year.”

These L.A. matchmakers say many people from Los Angeles have a heart. They have been given awards from the Mayor of El Monte for The Best Christmas Party ever given at the former MacLaren’s Children’s Center. Many of those children had no place to go for Christmas but onto the streets. The Los Angeles Times report on June 4th, 2015, that there are nearly 45,000 homeless people in Los Angeles, and many of those people are children.

A Special Act of Kindness

With help from the public, Elite Connections hopes to be successful again this year. For those who would like to volunteer their time, or have items to donate to the auction or children’s parties, Sherri Murphy asks that everyone please e-mail the Elite Connections L.A. matchmaking team at [email protected]. Or call 800-923-4200 for the times and locations if one would like to volunteer, and ask for Sherri or Tammi.


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