International Day of The Girl: US Reaffirms Commitment to Girls’ Rights

US at work for protecting girl’s rights globally

As the world celebrates the “International Day of the Girl,” the United States of America today reaffirmed its commitment to

to celebrate girls’ value to society, and to address the unique challenges they still face.

In a press statement in Washington DC, US Secretary of State John Kerry says the day is a call to action for everyone to build on the progress the US has made on global women’s rights.

“If we heed that call, if we keep faith with the enormous potential and promise of young women, the dreams of our daughters will one day be just as viable as the dreams of our sons.” – Secretary Kerry

Young students from the Omer ElMukhtar primary school for girls attend the closing ceremony of United Nations Volunteer Day in Sudan. UN PHOTO

Girls are more empowered today

According to Secretary Kerry, with the efforts of number of global partnerships and programs led by the State Department, like TechGirls and NeXXt Scholars and great USAID programs like Safe Schools, they have made important progress.

He reports more and more girls are enrolling in school in Afghanistan, and fewer and fewer girls are victims of female genital mutilation in Africa. However, he notes their work is far from over.

Investing in girls is right thing to do

According to Secretary Kerry, investing in girls is a critical part of our duty to promote prosperity, security, and peace around the world.

He notes empowered girls grow up to be empowered women and they grow up to be empowered mothers, leaders, and innovators.

“They grow up to move their communities forward and make the world a better place.” – Secretary Kerry

Girls are still vulnerable in the society

Secretary Kerry reports that when many of the world’s 850 million girls go to sleep every night, they will dream about futures that sadly “tragically” are nearly impossible for them to achieve.

He notes in too many countries, the promise of the next generation of girls is at risk.

In addition, in too many communities, the contributions of girls are not valued, their well-being is not protected, and their aspirations are not taken seriously.

The International Day of the Girl Child was designated as 11 October by a resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly in December 2011, to recognize girls’ rights and highlight the unique challenges girls face worldwide. This year’s theme focuses on “innovating for girls’ education.”

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