Go Now: Valerie Bertnelli Celebrates Turning 49 With a Body Clock Rollback

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  • Jack Bauer lives to survive another day, as Kiefer Sutherland will continue to save the world for 24‘s eighth season. From Day One in the fall of 2001, the character has become one of the most iconic action heroes in the world, reviving Sutherland’s career and earning him a Golden Globe in 2002 and finally an Emmy in 2006. Also returning is new partner Annie Wersching, and like Jack, you can’t have 24 without Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajuskub). The new season will be shot in May, and is scheduled to air next January — expecting to pass both the original Mission: Impossible and The Avengers as the longest-running espionage series in television history.
  • In the meantime, catch Sutherland on the battlefield once more in the new animated feature Monsters vs. Aliens coming to theaters this weekend.
  • From America’s sweetheart on One Day at a Time to rock star wife of legendary guitar player Eddie Van Halan and back, Valerie Bertnelli celebrates turning 49 by being on the latest cover of People — in a bikini and looking real good. In it shows the actress losing 50 pounds as both celebrity client and spokesperson for Jenny Craig. Valerie will also be showing her rockin’ body on the Oprah Winfrey Show show next week — just like Kirstie Alley back in the fall of 2006 after losing 75 pounds due to Jenny Craig, in which she was/is a spokesperson as well. The latest People issue is available now, so get it while you still can, boys.
  • CANADA (Sasha Stoltz Publicity): Vivendi Entertainment Canada and Conveyor Canada will be releasing the long-awaited first season of Blood Ties coming on DVD — 11 episodes (one of them being the double length premiere), leaving the last 10 episodes for a tentative September release. Based on a series from author Tanya Huff, the series chronicles the cases of cop turned private investigator Vicki Nelson (Christina Cox), caught in a supernatural love triangle between Det. Mike Celluci (Dylan Neal, Dawson’s Creek) and vampire Henry Fitzroy (Kyle Schmid), as they battle the forces of evil. The series has taken a bit out of viewers’ necks both in Canada and in the States due its brief run on Lifetime Television in 2007. It will be released on June 2, but if you want more, then check out this fan site at www.bloodtiescentral.com .

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