Elite Connections Wins Award of Distinction

Sherri Murphy and her daughter Tammi Pickle were presented with the Dynamic Women of Los Angeles award from Angelino Magazine as two of the most dynamic business women in Los Angeles.

tammi sherri

Women In Leadership

This award shows their leadership, dedication, and influence in their line of work. The awards were given to the matchmakers at a high profile, VIP studded event at the Sofitel Hotel.

Elite Connections: History

Elite Connections International was founded by Sherri Murphy 22 years ago. Since then, she has built the company into one of the nation’s most respectable matchmaking agencies. Sherri founded Elite Connections after she successfully met her husband through a matchmaker. She then saw a need for a safe and efficient way for accomplished and commitment-minded singles to meet each other.

Murphy says, “Business can be brutal in Los Angeles. Never give up on something you love to do. Try, fail, then try again until you succeed.”


Sherri Murphy’s daughter, Tammi Pickle, has worked for Elite Connections for nearly eighteen years, and is now the Vice President of the Company. Their outlook on love is that everyone has someone out there waiting for them, but you have to be proactive about finding them. This mother and daughter duo both adore their job and feel that their greatest satisfaction is seeing the couples they match happy together.

The Reason Behind Their Success

Elite Connections state that they are proud of their personalized approach to matchmaking, adding, “Every matchmaker working with you considers everything from interests, religion, and traveling, to all the subtle characteristics that make each of their clients unique. This process helps each of our matchmakers make sincere and long lasting introductions.”

When Sherri Murphy and Tammi Pickle aren’t busy playing Cupid, they enjoy taking trips to ski and snowboard in the mountains. They also enjoy disappearing from the every day routine, to Costa Rica and Europe for vacation. They both love children and animals, and through their company ‘Party with a Purpose,’ they hosted their 16th annual fundraiser to aid homeless Los Angeles teenagers and children.

For more information on Elite Connections, contact Sherri Murphy at:

Elite Connections at 800-923-4200 And visit the official website at: www.EliteConnections.com.