Agnes Nixon Comes to Llanview to Say Farewell To ‘One Life to Live’

After saying goodbye to Pine Valley on All My Children (AMC), Agnes Nixon says goodbye to Llanview when she makes a guest appearance on One Life to Live (OLTL) as herself — sort of.

According to TV Guide Magazine, the creator of both ABC daytime soaps will be playing Agnes Dixon, creator of “Fraternity Row,” the storyline from the late 1980s about a soap within a soap; the character will be interviewed by noisy reporter Blanca Morales (Carolina Bermudez).

In 2008, Nixon celebrated the show’s 40th anniversary as the creator of Heaven, the place that central heroine Viki (Erika Slezak) went to when she “died” before she was brought back to life and return to Earth.

Nixon starts shooting her scenes on November 17; they are set to air the week of January 9, which is probably shortly around the period that OLTL will end its network run on ABC before joining All My Children (AMC) to air new episodes on The Online Network (TOLN) during that time in early 2012.

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