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The Inner Circle is the new column by Beverly Hills Times magazine entertainment editor and Hollywood Sentinel publisher Bruce Edwin concerning the latest breaking news in entertainment.


Lindsay Lohan may be doing time in the slammer, and yesterday reportedly got food poisoning according to TMZ. Harvey Levin’s TMZ thinks the judge may throw the book at her with over 200 days in jail. Hopefully not, but we’ll see. Kim Kardashian’s short lived marriage was not a publicity stunt, according to E! Justin Bieber fans have threatened to kill the wanna be baby mamma that is claiming that Justin got her pregnant. The woman, who would have been 19 at the time of her allegation, would actually be guilty of statutory rape on a 17 year old boy.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Madonna is proving her multi-media artist flair. First dance, then music superstar, then publishing (remember Sex?), then acting- beyond videos- with her greatest accomplishment in Evita, and later stage, and now she takes her hand as director for her feature debut ‘W.E’ about the Duchess of Windsor. Let’s also not forget that fashion line with daughter Lourdes. I’m waiting now for an art show. Jay Dykes Jr. has dropped future claims against Madonna after suing her company Maverick over an investment dispute with a company called Ironstar that he reportedly believed she owned. The dispute has been settled. No research of mine show Madonna ever owning such a company. Can we say due diligence any one? Madonna is truly amazing.

Women are fortunately proving that they can be as good of a director- often better than a man. Penny Marshall paved the way for modern cinema, and later Jodie Foster, and now of course Drew Barrymore, Courtney Cox, and countless more. Jodie has remained one of the greats of our time. Tracy Reiner tells me she is working on a new documentary she is producing which sounds exciting. Her step dad Rob Reiner and uncle Gary Marshall are busy as ever shooting back to back, and her mom Penny Marshall is feeling great and working on a new film among more.

Academy Award winner Katherine Bigelow is getting heat from N.Y. State Representative Peter T. King, for her upcoming film about the Navy Seal Team Six that bravely killed Osama Bin Laden. I think this guy just wants his picture in the papers however, which he got. The concerns are totally unnecessary, as Ms. Bigelow’s last war film ‘Hurt Locker’ was hardly anti military- which she herself reminded- and her writer had permission to follow the team around before the invasion. Artists must not cow tow to fears of political pressure or threats of fear from religious extremists- this is America!

Smallville’s Cassidy Freedman has been sporting bunny ears. She landed a role on NBC’s upcoming fall drama, ‘The Playboy Club.” Former Playboy Club Bunny and feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem is calling for a boycott of the show, as she suspects it may be tacky and not portray the actual working conditions of the club. I had the pleasure to meet Ms. Steinem years back, and she was very sweet. Since the show has now been axed, Gloria must be happy!

A nasty weight loss pill called ‘Hydroxycut’ was banned by the FDA some time ago after it killed a number of people. Yet the company that makes it has now slyly re-packaged the similar garbage with some changed ingredients that young women in Hollywood and beyond are taking to try lose weight, and it is destroying their physical and mental health according to many accounts. Stay away from this trash ladies. In similar news, actresses and models trying to cut calories with the artificial sweetener ‘aspartame’ should stop. According to The Epoch Times this month, aspartame may cause fibromyalgia. Try stavia or honey instead.

Child star Corey Feldman released a shocking video on ABC that states how the biggest problem in Hollywood is pedophilia. He states how Hollywood is filled with pedophiles, and that one well known entertainment mogul is one of them who is responsible for the death of his child star friend Corey Haimes. Evidently fearing for his life if he named names, he did not cite details. I had the pleasure to meet Corey at the repass for Michael Jackson, and he was as down to earth and as nice as could be. Check out the video here.

Speaking of Michael, the trial for the murder of the King of Pop wraps today, with Conrad Murray as the main one accused for the murder of Michael Jackson. As the world now knows, the coroner found that Michael’s death was caused by an acute intoxication of the anesthetic propofol, along with other sedatives a contributing factor. As O.K. Magazine cited, the coroner found that propofol, which is only supposed to be administered in a supervised hospital, was administered without any medical need, and that recommended resuscitation equipment was missing.

Conrad Murray, who reportedly administered the proponal, reportedly also failed to immediately call paramedics. The Jackson family, along with countless Michael Jackson fans around the world, want Conrad Murray to be held accountable for his actions. Murray’s defense argue that Michael killed himself by administering the drugs himself. Even if that were the case – which it is not – Murray is still guilty on many counts. Murray yesterday decided not to speak in his defense. Its time now that Murray face his new home- behind bars.

Stars have been flocking to the new Santa Monica Mall, which is great, although just be sure to read the fine print for parking which is the cities new money maker. The so called free parking is actually not free during certain hours -and- be sure to bring your navigator to get out. A mall guard guide told me many people are getting lost.

Entertainers and others should beware- Bank of America is foolishly cancelling accounts that they claim are not active for more than thirty days, even when it has been used with deposits recently made. Premiere bank rating firm Weiss Rating reportedly rates BOA at a weak D+, which according to Weiss, could negatively impact investors or creditors. Bank of America caved in after massive protests and bad P.R. on its dumb idea to charge customers five dollars for each ATM transaction. I’m sure they will find another way to weasel money out of customers. It’s not like the truth means anything to their institution anyway. I for one, was one that they lied to about numerous policies.

Alcove Entertainment is producing a film called ‘The Double,’ to be directed by Richard Ayoade. The drama is reportedly based on Dostoyevsky novel about a man whose life turns chaotic when his doppelganger appears at his place of business. According to German folklore, the doppelganger is a physical duplicate of another’s being in another physical form, that may manifest at or nearly before a person dies. Pop singer Jewel told me years back that she is a big Dostoyevsky fan.

Katie Couric was spotted in Virginia visiting her mom not long ago. I spoke briefly with ‘Traffic’ and ‘Parenthood’ star Erika Christensen in Hollywood recently, and she is doing great and looks incredible. Former Mel Gibson ex Oksana Grigorieva was reportedly trying to get money from the star. One of my sources stated that she claimed she wants ‘Tiger Woods money.’ She reportedly wanted half a million dollars and the two sides reportedly settled. Emily Browning (Sucker Punch) was reportedly out at a bar in West Hollywood not long ago and was real nice.

‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ which starred Matthew McConaughey is getting a new spin, this time on T.V. for ABC. Lionsgate and Lakeshore entertainment are producing. Stars have not been named as of press time. The story is based on the Michael Connelly novel about a lawyer who handles cases while being driven in his Lincoln Town Car.

Brad Pitt has been busy shooting in London, where he and the family have reportedly been living for a number of months. In addition to the two stars being amazingly talented and beautiful, Brad and Angelina Jolie’s team are super cool, and their partner told me the only thing she needs in life is more time in the day. Clint Eastwood is busy shooting, and his team told me he is really busy with that. I saw Adrian Brody recently -dining at the same French restaurant I was at, and the star looked better than ever.

At the ComicCon in San Diego this year, many attendees reportedly got sick after attending. All complained about the elbow to elbow mob-like crowds. May we suggest a larger venue?

Some genius did a survey to report that sexualized images of women are increasing in entertainment. Their case study was reportedly looking at old and new covers of Rolling Stone magazine. Let’s hope our tax dollars didn’t fund that rocket science, which we could have told them years ago and saved them the effort.

Dreamworks did not offer Paramount a renewed distribution deal on Paramount’s animation pictures that Paramount was happy with. Paramount’s response? They are now in the business of producing their own animation. Despite initial stockholder worries, the studio assures they will be successful in handling all new areas.

ART: Julian Schnabel who I had the pleasure to meet a while back at the Dennis Hopper exhibit is reportedly single again. Ryan Seacrest was spotted at Bergamont Station in Santa Monica with his girlfriend checking out the art the other week, which I highly recommend. Haley Berry also loves the art – we crossed paths at L.A. Art Show last year, and she has been looking fine in her bikini in her upcoming new film ‘Dark Tide’ which is nearing release this year. Sylvester Stallone has been busy shooting in New Orleans, which is going very well for the star. He also keeps busy with his artwork.

MUSIC: Punk legend Patti Smith is developing her new book ‘Just Kids’ in to a film which sounds exciting. Its about her famous friends and former boyfriend – controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. I spoke with Skinny Puppy front man Ogre not long ago, and he said he is doing great, and about ready to release a new album. Jeff Bridges just released his new album, featuring many songs that got cut from his film ‘Crazy Heart’ which is cool.

Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges

CitiGroup owned major label EMI might be getting swallowed up by one of the other big four – Universal, Sony, or Warner. I’m waiting for the day when there is just one record label. New World Order anyone? Singer Moira Cue has finished recording two new singles, “Make you Happy,” a ballad with former Scorpions bassist Ralph Rieckermann on bass who also produced, and “Show and Tell,” a dance cut with triple platinum producer Tracy Kendrick. Former Michael Jackson publicist Michael Levine stated that “Make You Happy” was a great, moving song. Matt Devine from kill hannah, who has been singing on Broadway in the play Spiderman, e-mailed me that he is loving New York City.

‘Brite Futures’ just dropped their new single ‘Baby Rain’ and its smokin’ hot. Blending styles of disco, new wave, and retro Brit-pop in the style of Blur, Brite Futures is made up of four lads, and one sexy chick. Dig it. Other artists I am excited about these days are the female fronted Warpaint, Gram Rabbit, Diamond Rings, and a whole lot more. Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins told me way back that he predicted the music industry was going to go through a new revolution with the internet, and would be better than ever, and I agree, I feel it is happening now, and there is some great new music out there! Another new thing that I am really liking right now is Spotify. It’s an online music player that is really great. Warner Brothers reportedly bought twelve percent stock in it. While it does have some annoying ads on its free side, you can pay to not hear them. Maybe that dying relic known as MySpace that got swallowed up by crappy ads like McDonalds and slowed to a pop up crawl can learn a lesson there.

FASHION: ‘It’s a nice day for a – white wedding,’ and men can officially hate Jamie Hince now. He not long ago married Kate Moss and the party was a hit, being attended by all from Paul McCartney to Vogue who documented the entire event. Look out for Lady Ga Ga’s new fashion line at Barney’s. Thankfully, that nasty meat dress will not be carried.

Occupy protests have been getting violent lately, with bottles through store windows, fights, and numerous arrests in Oakland and beyond. My suggestion? Go camp out at burning man instead.

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